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Red Tibetan Singing Bowl  A great tool to help you relax! 

Keka Custom Made iPad Cover  It's perfect, how could it not be? I design it!! 

Eclipse Sun Sleeves Amazing sun protect that's comfortable to wear! 

Dermagist You WILL look younger using these products! TRUST ME!! 

SeatPets Car rides will never be the same!! 

Tummy Stuffers These are adorable! The stuffed animal kids store their STUFF in!! 

Mazda5 Grand Touring 3 rows of seating in this amazing car!

Google Nexus7 Accessory Pack EVERYTHING you need for your Nexus7. EVERYTHING!! 

Fast Metabolism Book Change what you thought about losing weight! This will be easier!

Difrax Pacifier pacifier system that grows with your child! Even to weaning of the binky!

Scotts Liquid Gold Why would you use anything else?

Once Upon A Day CD Even YOU won't get tired of this CD!

Tandoor Chef Indian Food. Delicious!

Taggies Tags n Snuggles It's one your baby can keep using! Even into toddler stage!

Staples Seriously, why would you shop anywhere else?

AT Surgical Compression Socks Man! My ankles feel so much better!

Tea's Tea I could drink this stuff by the gallon!

AJ's Ear Buds By far the BEST set of ear buds I've ever owned!!

Wummel Box Crafts for kids. EVERYTHING comes in the box!! Just add the kid!!

Teddy the Dog MicroPlush I will fight the dog for this super soft blanket!

GumiGem Pretty jewelry your tot can chew ON!! So cute!

Iron Duke by L.Ron Hubbard Book on CD. Like old time radio. LOVE 'em!!

Gourmet Fitness Bars Who knew a fitness bar could taste GREAT?!

Zeta Wrap Don't understand how it works.... just know it does!

Funky Yellow Bus One of Alice's favorite books.  It's fun! It's Cute! It has a message!!

Mia Mariu Anti Aging at it's best!

Actz Cupcake Soap ADORABLE soap on top of a great soap!

PSC Pets Aging pets need this supplement!

Teddy the Dog T The best made t shirts I've come across! CUTE too!!!

Quirky Converge Charging ALL my electronics EVERYnight. AT the same time!!

Sprouts Toddler Food Portable and no mess to clean up or wash.  Alice says it takes GREAT!!

Snot-a-Rator Funny name but works better than I could ever have imagined!!

Golden Records Holiday Music This will take you back! The next generation needs to hear these!! 

Super Hero Meditation  I am relaxed after I listen to this CD. You will be too! 

Campbell's Skillet Sauces  YUM YUM YUM!!  Delicious!! 

Pear Tree Greetings I have the CUTEST Christmas Cards EVER!!!  

Monoi Hair Repairing split ends never has never been so easy!

Re*Usies  Reusable bags that are cute! Fashion and practical!! 

Burt's Bee's Did you know they have skin care??  REALLY REALLY good skin care!! 

Barista Coffee Party  Coffee.... friends...... .food... what could be better. Nothing! That's what!!

Vinyl Disorder  I LOVE the wall graphic I choose. It's PERFECT!!

Copy Kids I'm still in AWE!! Kids REALLY will eat fresh veggies.  AMAZING!!

OraMD 100% Natural Toothpaste.  Drops. Freshest breath ever!!

Tooth Fairy! The cutest way to introduce the ToothFairy to your home! ADORABLE!!

I Love You Pendant 120 languages saying "I Love You" on this beautiful pendant. 

Pork Rinds YUM!! Pork Rinds and Football can there be anything better?? NO there can't! 

Mop Slippers These are SO funny!!  AND practical!  Love these things!

Parvevu Hair Care My hair is stronger! Tons of Shine! 

Lady Soma Cranberry  UTI's are a thing of the past!! 

CuddleUp It it's a blanket and a puppet.  It's ADORABLE!!

Personalized Juppy in Black Teaching your baby to walk withOUT hurting your back!! 

Water Colour Book & App Learn to paint with water colours.  So beautifully done!

Hair Chalk Hair Chalk that is gentle enough for even infant hair.  Temporary FUN colors! Wash out easily. 
Bam-boo Ringtones So funny! We had such a great time making our own Halloween ring tones! 

Zeta Technology Pendant  I don't understand HOW it works..... I just know it DOES!!! 

Kristian Regale Sparkling Juice The best sparkling juice our family has ever had!

Bath House Soaps These soaps smell soooooo good!!  My skin feels great!

Easy Photo Class I took the MOST fantastic photo's after this class!!  Go take a look!!

Minted Photo Cards that are AMAZING!! My Christmas cards will be amazing this year!! 

Golden Records Spooky Halloween Halloween fun!! A blast from the past Golden Records! 

Cavallieri Bows N Ties   DH is stylin' in his new tie!

Migralex 23 minutes and my intense (light & sound hurts! Sick to my stomach) headache was GONE!!!!

Wrinkle Killer  Does just that!!  WOW!  

OutBurst Energy Bites Hey, my house is clean.  Enough said?? 

Printcopia My photo to canvas is spectacular!!!!  You have to go see how perfect!

Hobo Ninja  The shower curtain & hand towel make me GIDDY!!! 

Miss Pumpkin Little Miss Muffin You HAVE to see Alice's face to see how perfect this doll is!

Elkfishki iPad App Super cute! Beautiful illustrations and fun interactions.

Guess Moo iPad App  Alice is 16 months & has learned animals & Sounds!!  PERFECT app!!

Mr. Hookumbacker and the Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree How can you not love a book with this title?
Alchemilla Exfoliating Face Wash Luxury in a jar! My face is so smooth! 

HELP! My Baby Came Without Instructions! Book review Perfect for all new parents! 

Theraderm Anit Aging Lip Conditioner A perfect addition to the Theraderm line

Golden Records They are BACK! My favorite stories are back in time for my Grandbabies!

Mia Mariu Hydrating gloss sticks.  Gloss in lipstick form. My lips are so soft!  

Udi Gluten Free I can be creative with Gluten Free lunches! 

iMagnet I don't know how I lived without this gadget!! Every iPad owner needs an iMagnet!

Packaways  Collapsible corrugated plastic storage boxes and pretty too!

Toe Juice Funny name AMAZING product!! My Planters wart is almost GONE!

Oraline Part 3 Final post This UV sanitizer should be in every household!

Made From Earth Peppermint Conditioner My scalp is in heaven!!

Juno Prints Canvas STUNNING photo to canvas! My photo looks amazing on canvas!!

Neuma Shampoo & Conditioner A great WAKE up shampoo! 

Almost Naked Animals DVD This cartoon has enough for adult and kids both!

Shake Your Pirate Booty CD Fun kids cd! 

Luster Teeth Whitening My teeth are so WHITE! No sensitivity! Easy to use! LOVE IT!

Oraline Part 2  Could these kids be any cuter with their new toothbrushes??

Batiste or Tresemme Dry Shampoo Batiste dry shampoo is amazing! Quick no time to shampoo miracle!

Pear Tree Greetings Stationary with my photo.  You should see how COOL my lion looks on notellets!

Dragon and Wolf Treasure iPad App The accent of the narrator is hypnotic!  LOVE this story!

Oraline Kid size toothbrushes that are so fun and cute kids want to brush!! 

Country Bob's Cookbook  YUM!!  What I've made looks just like the pictures too!!

Music is Magical CD A little bit Madonna a little big Lady GaGa. FUN Kids CD!

The Persimmon Tree Tea Company What a great cup of TEA!!! 

Photography Workshop Learn to use the camera and ALL the settings!!

Pacific Beach Peanut Butter Just give me a spoon and get out of my way!! 

Draw-Write-Now 3 year old Emma can draw so can the rest of us!! 

Shop Bedding Sheets so soft Alice won't give 'em back!! 

Chalk City Activity Kit The kids will WANT to be outside!!! 

Picaboo Photo Book My favorite book yet!!  Done with art work from the Grandbabies!! 

Dapper Snapper Not just for kids!!  Adults TOO!! Better than a belt! 

ToiletTree Travel bag This is ROOMY!! Stylish and way better than packing toiletries in ziplocks!

Famous Dave's Moisture Tan NOT your mothers sunless tanner!! I'm tan... NOT orange!!

GiggleBellies This review you have to check out! Alice is dancing in a 14 second video. She's So CUTE!!

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce I dream about this sauce.... it's that good!

California King Salmon Oh man is this good!!  The pictures will make your mouth water!

Ovation TV Okay so it's not a review.... but I won and iPad3!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

Thorne Manor & Other Bizarre Tales This book will give you goosebumps!  

Summer Fun Redbox style Redbox movies that are family friendly. Summer Fun!!

Le Bebe Coo This might just be my favorite lotion and body wash EVER!!! 

Appeteether By far the FUNNIEST teething toy ever!!  Rib's and Chicken wings!!  What a crack up!!

Key Lime Pie! My new favorite pie!

Photography Workshop series I'm taking the best pictures EVER! thanks to this series!

My Monster Burrufu Book Fun kids book! Did you know monsters in your house are good luck?? 

My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners  No more pants that are too long! I even made capri's out of my jeans.

Kisspat Hair Extensions Bright neon FUN colors.  Kids of all ages love these!! ME TOO!

Tantex Leather Conditioner The perfect leather conditioner! No sticky film!!

Easy Canvas  Your photo on canvas! Mine looks like a painting!!!!

Udi Gluten Free Granola YUM!!!  Breakfast anyone??  

PMD Personal Microdermabrasion. The GREATEST tool in my beauty arsenal!!  

Teas' Tea Green ...... good for you AND tastes great!! 

Almondina Cookies  Words can't describe how delicious these cookies are... but I tried anyway!

Blurex iPad3 Case Made to hug your iPad3 in STYLE!!!! 

Treasures World Wide  Stunning Leather Travel Frame.  Sooo pretty!!

BlankZ  Brilliant!!  A toy your kids décorate over and over again!!  Why didn't I think of this?!??!

ABC NeckTies Over 300 ties to choose from.  Look at the beautiful Silver tie we choose!

GiGi Hill Purse This is a great summer bag! Canvas, reversible, FUN!!

Aura Cacia Essential Oils  I'm in love!  My Yoga routine went so smoothly!!

Picaboo Photobook  I want to do a new Photobook with Picaboo every MONTH!!! LOVE these guys!!

Dr. Sharp Mouthwash  Mouthwash doesn't have to sting to work!!  All natural!!

CollageIt Easiest collage making software EVER!!!!!!!!!

Pathways Interactive EASY to use Tarot Card reader!!

CameraBag2 My all time FAVORITE computer program to enhance photo's!! SUPER easy to use!!

Bacon Jam You read that right!  Bacon Jam.  Bacon GOOD!!!  It really is GREAT!!

Crocs Eyewear Sunglasses with FLAIR!!!  Durable, fun and unique!

Piczzle Puzzle YOU supply the picture!! Piczzle does the rest. AWESOME!!!!  Look at my LION!

Plus Size Lingerie Boutique Sexy at any size!  Awesome selection of lingerie!

Teas Tea   So delicious! So refreshing!! AND good for you!?! I'm IN!!!

RAISE Arm Pit Stain remover Don't throw away another t-shirt because of under arm stains!! Trust ME!

Picaboo Photobook A counting book for Alice!!  Picaboo has AWESOME features!! Check it out!! 

Baby Signing Time on Demand The BEST of the BEST for teaching baby to sign! 

Camellia Natural Pain Relief  Pain be GONE!!  It's cold... it's Hot... it's cold... it's amazing!

GelThotics Insoles These GelThotics saved the WEEK hiking in Yosemite!!  Back pain?  NONE!! 

ChildUp Early Learning Cards  Teaching Alice to count the EASY way!! 

EZStringer Easiest way thread elastic, cords & such & even a hoodie!! Took me 23 seconds!! 

TomBow Scrapbook tape You won't want to use any other type after you try Tombow!

Fit Mom for Life A book with REAL fitness solutions! Lot's of inspirational stories too!!

Breathe Right Strips I can't believe these little strips really keep me from snoring like a trucker!! 

Bright Starts Giggle & Click Remote Alice loves this toy!! It's adorable! It's filled with music & sounds!!

Sunglass Hut Stylish and SO affordable!! What an amazing selection!! 

Love Your Breed  What a cute store!  Luggage tags, stickers, key chains.  ADORABLE!!  

BellaViva Orchards  Dried fruit and nuts to drool over!!  

Picaboo Photo Book  The cutest photobook yet!!  And I MADE it!! 

Bright Starts Bloomin' Blocks  Such cute little blocks. In PINK!!

True Nature of Tarot  A great learning tool to learn to read Tarot cards!  

Theraderm Skin Renewal System  My face feels amazing!  Rosey glow to my cheeks and ALL!!

Taslie All Natural Cheeky Bum Wash   Where has this product been all my life??

Tropical Traditions Virgin coconut oil. I love this stuff!!  If you haven't tried it you're missing out!!

Susan Brown's Baby Baby wash that makes even adult skin soft!! 

Namely Newborns  Amazing array of gifts for the new baby and toddlers too!! 

Phone Fetcher No more forgetting your phone!  No more hunting for it in your bag either!! 

Purse Gummy Purse straps FINALLY stay where they belong ON your shoulder!!

Happy Napper This little dog couldn't be cuter if it tried!!!  Is it a dog?  Or a pillow?  It's BOTH!!

KidsII Taggie CUTE! Pink and soft!!  A can't miss combination.

Best Flower Bud Doll Alice gets SO excited over her Best Flower Bud!  The video is a must see!

Liquid Blue Biker T-Shirts  Coolest T's!!  I have a wish list!

Goosie Cards ONLY the GREATEST flash cards for kids EVER made!!!

Clean Screen Scott's Liquid Gold.... you already love their other products so you NEED this one too!!

Bio-K+ Probiotics Come learn what I learned! You'll want to start adding BioK to your diet!

Smiley Cookies The cutest bunny cookies ever!!  CUTE and delicious!!!!!!!

Mrs Cubbison's Stuffing YUM!! But have you ever thought of stuffing as a centerpiece??

Costume Discounters You have NEVER seen such a cute Minnie Mouse costume ever!!! 

Wholesale Halloween Costumes I love costumes! This one? HOLY MOLY!! You gotta see it!!

Sue Berk Designs  Truly the perfect Christening gift!! Beautiful onesies and sleepers! 

Yawning Yoga Beautiful book for kids! Get kids ready for bed or naps! Truly works!! 

Drain Claw What came out of my drain was DISGUSTING!!!  This is a gem of a tool!!

Birthday Chronicle Great birthday card alternative! What happened the day YOU were born??  

MyUbby The name alone won me over! The quality of this baby blanket is amazing! 

Aluminyze  Amazing! Your photo embedded in Aluminum! The quality is fantastic!! 

ScopeMeBaby  Baby Alice is so adorable in this onesie!! 

iMo Camera Strap  When ONLY the best strap for your camera will do!!

Socks4Life Trust me if you can wear it on your feet, you WILL find it at this site!!

Wholesale KeyChains  My car keys never looked so cool!!

Brainy Baby's First Ball Baby Alice think this ball is SO much FUN!! Come check out her review! 

Roots Only To apply hair color or deep conditioners! Awesome product!

NeriumAD Amazing face crème everyone needs!

Bright Starts Taggie Cutest little Taggie! Just ask Alice!  

Potty Time Potty training can be easy!!  Okay who am I kidding... at least it can be FUN!!

My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Scrapbooking made EASY!! And FUN!!

Let's make soap! Homemade soap eBook!  Go look! I MADE soap!! 

Elfishki Giant Cake App OMG! The kids LOVE and FIGHT over this app!!  Holy MOLY!

Glass Water Bottle Finally a water bottle with no icky after taste!!

Bacon Salt Yes, Virginia there IS such a thing!!  And it's GOOD!!

Flirty Aprons Flirty and super cute Aprons!

Krill Oil  This stuff ROCKS!!!! I have some serious energy now!!

Air Soft Vests Every single kind of vest you could want! Or NEED!

PaperFlavor  Cute stationary! Cards and even some T-Shirts! 

Apartment Hunting??  I fell in love with this Apartment! You would too!

TuneUp Utilities My computer is running faster and smoother than it EVER has!!

Pedi-scrub REAL help for those tired and sad lookin' feet!

Eden Fantasy  Ohhh laa laa!  And some more ohhhh laaaa laaa!!!

Affordable Scarf  Affordable and BEAUTIFUL!!  So many to choose from! You'll want more than one!!

Elite Creme  This crème was designed to work for patients undergoing chemotheraphy!! AWESOME stuff!!

Mind & Body Weight Loss   Resolution # 1 for 2012 CHECK!!  

Cookin' Now You will NEVER ever need another cookbook!  Trust me!! You need THIS!!

Natural House  These products WORK!!  The names are FANTASTIC!!

Home Organization 101  2012 resolutions here I come!!

Scrolls from Santa  Santa writes the best letters!!

iCaught Santa  Come see!! I caught Santa in our HOUSE!!!!!  Come look!!

On the Fly  The bottle warmer for the baby on the go!  It's a staple in my diaper bag! What about you?

Alphabet Limerick Zoo  Great resource for homeschooling!

Talking to Toddlers   Emma is 2.  IT WORKED!!! HOLY MOLY!!! It worked!!!

Piczzle Puzzle I can think of so many reasons to make a piczzle puzzle!!  Save the date?! Wedding?

My Caring Cross The most comfortable cross to hold! It's unique. It's beautiful. It's comforting!!

Personalized Party Favors  Cute little tins printed with your pictures or sayings.  Or BOTH!!

Uglee Pen Admit it... you want one just for the name alone.. don'tcha?

e-Book Weirder Than Marshmallows.   Funny book!!  I do love me some satire!!

 Green Tea.   If you need some energy you need this stuff!!!

Nurser Bottles by Playtex  These baby bottles are GREAT!!

PAM Cooking Spray This is NOT your Grandmothers PAM!  This stuff is AMAZING!!

Mixbook Photo Book. I love love love Photobooks!!!

Regeneration Bars Energy Bars.  Great protein source!

Basa Body Lotion  Not only a great lotion but a great cause too!!

Bokoo Cover  The cutest carseat cover for kids ever!!!

ErgoBaby Carrier  This is a GREAT! Carrier

Bright Starts Play-a-Lot Petals.  Couldn't be a cuter toy out there!!!  Could there??

Mixbook  I take pictures every single day.  What an awesome place to put them to use!!

Cuddle & Soothe Blanket  Baby Alice can't get enough of this little blanket!  Come see!

Eco Babies This is an awesome product for the babies in your life!

Costume Discounters  Ohhhhh I am IN LOVE!!!  I could buy a costume a week for the dress up bin!!

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