A to Z Challenge 2013

A is for Alice

B is for Blog

C is for Chocolate, Casino and Champagne. My Holy Trinity.

D is for Dog

E is for E's

F is for Family Book

G is for Guady

H is for Hurl

I is for Impulse

J is for Jurassic Park

K is for Kinas

L is for Lael

M is for Mammogram

N is for Norgan, Radu and Mority

O is for Orchid

P is for Pants     AND TA DA!!  I've commented on 800 blogs so far!! WOO HOO!! (It's actually cheating, I've been laid up from surgery. Reading all these awesome blogs is wayyyy better than tv!)

Q is for Quick

R is for Reviews

S is for Selena

T is for Texting

U is for Ugly Angel

V is for Vampires 

W is for Who ya got there? Slash? Mick Fleetwood? Tyson? Yup!! 

X is for Xylitol

Y is for Yesterday

Z is for Zachary

I made it!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!! Now... what will my theme be for next year??


  1. i like the d is for dogs,thier mans best friend.

  2. Visiting from A-Z Challenge. How do you find time to do everything you do?

  3. You would be so fun to get picked up at the airport by. Great outfits. I can tell you know how to party!

  4. Only just getting round to return A-Z visits! Apologies for the lateness, congratulations on your amazing visiting record and finishing the challenge :-)

  5. Great round-up - congrats on making it through with flying colors!

  6. Commented on 800 blogs wow wee that is an awful lot of them and yes it is way better than TV any time. Hope all went will with the surgery. I still have to laugh at your F is for family book story LOL

  7. Haha I love H! Definitely got to pull those photos out for her 18th!


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