Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Women's Stewart/Stand Zipper Wristlet Wallet

Stewart/Stand Womens Wallet 1Get ready to ohhh and ahhhh!! I have a new wallet!!  Not just any wallet either!!  This is a Stewart/Stand Zipper Wristlet Wallet. Love the wristlet feature!! The strap is comfortable and easy to carry!! I'm lovin' that I don't always have to carry my purse! The wristlet feature isn't the only feature you'll be ahhhhing over!! This luxurious interior blocks unauthorized transmission from RFID enabled credit cards and ID's.

If you aren't familiar with RFID you should google it. It's scary! It's not new.....hacking has been around for years, but the range where the hacker had to be,  use to be quiet short, the hacker almost had to be in your personal space to get your information. Not so anymore!! As with everything, this technology is vastly improved so much that a RFID sniffer is capable of covertly reading debit and credit cards from the safety of a briefcase or backpack just in the same room!!! 

This beautiful Silver Zipper Wristlet Wallet Diamond wallet has space for everything I could ask for!! 

Stewart/Stand RFID Blocking Womens Wallet An ID window that is easy to get your ID in and OUT of!! That's a major WOW factor for me! 

There are plenty of card slots. 12 to be exact. There are even several long pockets for cash, receipts and business cards. Or if you are lucky enough to travel, use them for multiple currencies! 

Stewart/Stand RFID Blocking Womens Wallet 2

There is a zippered coin pocket as well!!  I can even fit my passport inside!! 

High performance Italian nylon compliments the graphic diamond texture in the stainless steel fabric.  In other words this wallet feels like silk!! 

Light reacts reacts with the reflective nature on the surface creating a dramatic dance of shadow and light.  In other words this wallet is STUNNING!!! 

Stewart/Stand RFID Blocking Womens Wallet 3
Truly this is the most amazing wallet I've owned!! In 55 years I've had a lot of wallets... this one out shines them all!! 
Stewart/Stand RFID Blocking Womens Wallet 4The wallet is 7.5" x 4.5" x 1.0" and closes with a zipper all the way around the wallet. 

Diamond textured stainless steel, Silver ballistic nylon. 100% vegan. 

Simply STUNNING!! 
Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.


  1. That IS a cool wallet. It looks so well made!

  2. Love your new wristlet! It's very sheik!

  3. I am loving the wristlet feature!
    Thanks for the RFID sniffler heads-up! I had no idea that technology has come to this stage!! This is so scary!

  4. Oh my what they wont come up with next. I have never heard of RFID, wow this is amazing to me. It has enough space for everything I would need to carry with me. thanks for the info


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