Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meet the Binky Fairy!!

Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy 1Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy. First, how adorable is this book and doll?? SUPER cute, and the perfect size for 2 year old Alice.

I couldn't wait to review The Binky Fairy!! My Granddaughter Alice always seems to have that dang binky in her mouth!! Since I spend weekdays with her, I've made it my mission to ban the binky!!!!

Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy Alice and Daddy
NaNa's main reason....... pictures!! Her parents can worry about teeth issues my only motivation is pictures!! 

Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy 2

Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy 3

Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy 4

This is a super cute little book.  With colorful illustrations and wonderful suggestions to ban the binky. Blank pages in the back to write notes to Alice about her journey to ban the binky! There is a chart and star stickers to mark progress.

Alice and I read the Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy book a couple of times a day. When Alice puts her binky in her mouth I'll grab the Binky Fairy and say "Alice! The Binky Fairy is watching!!" Alice literally THROWS the binky across the room and runs to grab the fairy doll.  YEA!!!  

Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy 5We've made progress. Each time Alice gives up the binky she gets a star on one of the pages in the back of this adorable book. If Alice makes it all night minus the binky she gets a star on the chart in the book.

Andrea Van Ness the creator of the Binky Fairy offers suggestions of giving the binkies to new babies. So far, the less favored binkies have been donated. Yes, Alice has had a huge selection of binkies. 

While we aren't binky free yet....... we've made huge steps in the right direction!!  We don't get out of the car with the binky. During the day we go longer and longer periods of time without the binky. Alice is also not waking up from her nap with the binky in her mouth!!  Alice is very sticker and binky fairy motivated.
Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy 7
Alice adores the little Binky Fairy! 
Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy 6

Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy 8Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy 9
Each Binky Fairy comes with a hard book and also with a success chart and stickers. it is the first Binky Fairy book that comes with their very own Binky 
Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy 10Fairy. 

I predict with the progress we've made in 2 short weeks that we will be binky free very soon.  YEA!!! Thank you Binky Fairy!! 

If your child isn't a binky kid.... but, a thumb sucker, there is a Thumbuddy to Love for them as well. This is an adorable book and darling binky fairy!  Alice and I give Thumbuddy to Love, The Binky Fairy 4 thumbs WAY UP!!!  We aren't the only ones either!!  Check it out these awards!! 

Thumbuddy to Love Awards

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  1. That looks like a great way to wean her off of the binky (where does that name come from, anyway?) I always called them pacifiers.

    slehan at juno dot com

    1. I'm not sure where Binky came from. My kids always called it a binky. I've heard patsy, nummy and my all time favorite CORK!! LOL!

  2. What an adorable way to get a child to wean off their pacifier! We call it chut-chut over here! Love the pics, Connie!


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