Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary!!

Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary Collection 1Who doesn't love the Berenstain Bears??  I am so excited to get to share the Berenstain Bears with my Granddaughter Alice.  This was a cartoon that played in our house when MY kids were little. I am thrilled the bears are still around!!

I've got some Berenstain trivia for you, Ted Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, was responsible for naming the bears the Berenstain Bears after the authors Jan and Stan Berenstain.

More trivia? In 1985 Ruth Buzzy (From Laugh In) was the voice of Mama Bear. 

Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary Collection 2The Limited Edition Golden Gift set is adorable!! The box has a 10" Sister Bear and the Golden Sister Edition DVD. Over 2 hours of non stop FUN!!
Sister Bear is cuddly and soft. When I say the bears are soft.... I mean the soft like stuffed animals you would buy for a newborn.
Alice agrees!! 100% CUDDLY soft!!
Sister Bear is a third grader, competitive and lover of pink.
Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary Collection 3

Brother Bear is equally as soft and cuddly.  Brother Bear loves the Trex, model airplanes and wheels!
Brother Bears dvd is also 2 hours of fun!!!

Alice hauled both Sister and Brother Bear everywhere!

Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary Collection 5
This Limited Edition Golden Gift set is adorable!!
Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary Collection 4

This set is soooo CUTE!!
Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary Collection 7Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary Collection 6Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary Collection 8

I like that the faces of Brother and Sister Bear are sewn on. There aren't any pieces that will come off and become a choking hazard.  Next the clothes come off.  YEA!! If they get dirty I can wash them.
The outfits Brother and Sister Bear are wearing are exact replica's of what the characters are wearing on the dvd.  Alice kept watching the dvd and looking at the bears, then giving them a big squeeze.
Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary Collection 9
The clothes and the bears are well constructed. 100% lovable and squeezable!!

Limited Edition Golden Gift Set
Berenstain Bears 50 Year Anniversary is available only at Walmart.

Alice and NaNa give Berenstain Bears 4 very enthusiastic thumbs WAY UP!!
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  1. I love Berenstain Bears! I had no idea they were that old. Thanks for sharing very cute.

    1. I had no idea either! I know my kids watched the cartoons on tv. My kids had all their books too. So I knew they were at least 35 years old.... but 50? I had no idea!


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