Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My AdvoCare diet starts TODAY!!

I'm so excited to share my journey with you!!!  I just started my 24 day challenge with AdvoCare. My wonderful rep and sponsor is Charla Bibby, she's so supportive!!

First, let's start with a little bit of company information.  AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company that offers world class energy, weight-loss, nutrition and sports performance products.
The line that really SPARK'ed my attention and desire to do this challenge was:
in 24 minutes you will FEEL the difference.
in 24 hours you will KNOW the difference.
in 24 days you will SEE the difference.

I started today, instead of a Monday ... yesterday the 24th was my birthday I think it's against the law to start a diet on your birthday... right???  Anyway, today I'm focused and not fixated on cake!!

As soon as I got up this morning I drank my Spark. Okkkkk, I have to say I have already found a favorite AdvoCare product. I was dragging when I got up this morning!!  I was SO TIRED!!! It's hard work being 55!

Starting my day with my Spark is better than 5 cups of coffee!! I am NOT jittery at all!! The taste is delicious! I have ENERGY!!!  Spark is worth it's weight in GOLD!!! I'm AWAKE!!  I can't believe how good this drink makes me feel!!

Then I spaced the next two drinks out during my morning.

The fiber drink. I was nervous about this one, but it tastes good. WAY different than any other fiber drink I've tried. Charla made sure I knew to drink it quickly because it will thicken up.  No problem, I mixed it with 8 ounce of water and downed it quick.

I've also had my meal replacement shake. Chocolate, filling and delicious. What more do I need. It is filling and I'm not starving!!

I'm planning on a salad for lunch. Chicken for dinner.

Water is also a big part of my 24 AdvoCare diet, My goal is to drink one gallon of water a day. ONE GALLON yup a WHOLE gallon of water. Normally, I drink a gallon of water in six months... maybe. A DAY??  I'm tryin'!! This will be the hardest part of the journey!!

BUT!! LOOK!!!!  9:30 this morning, look at how much water I've already had!!  For me this is HUGE!!!!

This is Charla (adorable isn't she???)  Check out her site.  Feel free to leave any questions for Charla!

So what healthy meals do you eat? I'd love some recipes, tips or ideas.

Water! Do you drink enough water? Again, tips with water??

Thank you Charla for this great opportunity!!

Day 1 started!!!  I'll keep you updated during my 24 days!

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.


  1. That is awesome, Good for you! Good luck with your journey of the water intake.

    1. A GALLON a day!! I'll be swimming to see you soon!

  2. Good luck with your journey to better health--Keep us posted!

  3. I have friends who sell Advocare and definitely find it interesting!

  4. Good luck on this diet journey, keep up the hard work. On to better health!

  5. AnonymousJune 28, 2013

    Good luck!!

  6. Good for you! Tips for drinking water.I have a venti starbucks plastic cup and I drink 4-6 a day.I love water b/c being a type 2 diabetic it's important to drink water so I don't get dehydrated.You cn also drink flavored water.I don't like it myself but a lot of people do.I like my water ice cold and with lots of ice.Good luck on your journey to good health :)

  7. Good Luck! I'm no good on diets. I don't drink much water neither but keep up the hard work and take one day at a time!

  8. A gallon of water is a lot! Believe it or not, since my kidney failure that would be too much for me a day. Best of luck! You can do it.

  9. I really need to start drinking more water. I do not drink enough well actually I don't drink it at all. I need to drink more water and less soda. Thank you for sharing with us!!


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