Thursday, June 20, 2013

Katie Saxton's Fourth of July Pretty and Patriotic Nails!!

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking about what you plan to wear for the patriotic holiday! You already know you'll be donning your special "Proud To Be American" shirt and bedazzled jeans, but are you having trouble figuring out how to jazz up your nails for Independence Day?
Custom Nail Solutions!

I'm so excited I'll be sharing a review of my own set of Custom Nail Solutions Nail System! Check back later this week.  I'll have long beautiful nails with a french manicure!!  WOO HOO!!

Katie Saxton is a nail beauty and health expert and founder of CustomNailSolutions. The Custom Nail Solutions Nail System provides a perfect canvas for the below Fourth of July nail designs. It is a revolutionary artificial nail product that gives you reusable and chemical-free custom nails that uniquely fit only your nail beds. They are thinner, stronger, and virtually indestructible. You can have lovely, natural-looking salon-style nails on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home.

1. Pretty Patriotic Nails: Red, white, and blue are Independence Day's staple colors, so make sure to polish up your nails with any or all of these hues for extra patriotic flair! Paint your nails a solid coat of either red, white, or blue, or mix it up and wear all of these colors, one on each nail. You can also add a coat of clear sparkly polish for extra pizazz.

2. American Water Marble Mani: Pay tribute to the beautiful American flag with a festive red, white, and blue water marble manicure! To do this eye-catching design, start off with a cup of room temperature water, a bottle of white polish, a bottle of royal blue polish, and a bottle of red polish, as well as tape and several toothpicks. Place tape around the edge of the first nail, covering the cuticles. Add two drops of blue to the water and let spread, then a drop of white polish in the middle of the blue polish, and add a drop of red in the middle of the white. Then, take a toothpick and drag the edges of the polish to the center of the circle. Press your nail into the design, use a toothpick to scrape excess polish away from the edges of the nail, and take the nail out of the water. Then remove the tape and let dry. Use a toothpick to clear the polish from the top of the water, and repeat the process with the rest of the nails. The end result: a lovely Independence Day mani that is sure to turn heads!

3. Stars and Stripes Tape Mani: A festive Fourth of July tape mani is perfect for the holiday! Paint your nails a coat of white and let dry, then place strips of tape on the first nail in a zig zag pattern. Paint a coat of red over the entire nail and tape strips, then immediately remove the strips of tape and let dry. Repeat the process for the rest of the nails, switching between using blue and red for each nail. Paint a final clear topcoat to complete the look.

4. Festive Fireworks: No Fourth of July is complete without celebratory fireworks! This Independence Day, decorate your nails with festive fireworks to complete your patriotic look. To do this design, first paint your nails a solid coat of red and let dry. Using a toothpick, draw a thin blue "X" in the center of each nail, then add perpendicular silver lines through each "X." Add a topcoat and, and voila! A stylish fireworks mani perfect for your holiday festivities!

5. Fashionable Flag Accent Nail: The accent nail is such a huge trend, and this look is perfect for your Independence Day get-up! Paint your nails either a solid coat of red or blue, leaving the ring finger nail free of any polish. If you painted your nails red, paint a coat of blue polish on the "accent" ring finger nail, and vice-versa. For the daring manicurists, paint an American flag on the "accent" ring finger! To do this on the left hand, use a toothpick to draw a blue square on the lower left quarter of the ring finger nail. Fill in the square with blue and let dry, then use toothpicks to draw red and white stripes coming out of the blue square, as well as below the blue square. Paint little white dot "stars" in the blue square and let dry, then use a clear topcoat to complete the look. Repeat this process for the right hand, making sure to draw the blue square in the lower right quarter of the ring finger nail.

6. Star-Spangled Stamped Mani: We all love singing our national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner," on the Fourth of July. Celebrate this tradition by jazzing up your nails with patriotic star stamps and stripes! Before you do this design, make sure you have white polish, blue polish, red polish, clear topcoat, and a nail stamp kit with a star stamping plate on hand. We like the Konad Set D by Konad Stamping Nail Art. Paint the thumb a solid coat of blue, then the second nail red, the third nail blue, and so on. switching off between the two colors for each nail. Let dry, then place white polish over the star design on the stamping plate, and use the nail kit’s scraper to rid the plate of excess polish. While the white  polish is still wet, place the stamper over the plate so the star design transfers, then press the stamper down on the thumbnail. Do this for the rest of the blue nails until they are adorned with patriotic stars. For the red nails, paint white stripes across each nail either straight across the nail or in a diagonal fashion. Let all the nails dry, then finish the look by adding a clear topcoat.

7. Raise The Flag Mani: Try a festive flag French manicure this Fourth of July! To do this fun design, paint the tips blue and let dry, then draw white and red stripes from the bottom of the tips to the base of each nail. Add white "star" dots to the blue tips and let dry, then add a clear topcoat to each nail to complete the look.

If you were wondering how to add a patriotic theme to your nails this Independence Day, the above list should help. Choose one of the patriotic nail designs to steal the spotlight at all your Fourth of July festivities!


  1. Wow are those pretty! Congratulations to you! I would be excited too! Enjoy my friend.

  2. Wow so many nice designs for your nails for the Fourth of July celebrations. I have long nails to but cant afford to have them done I do try to do the designs myself with the polishes that I have works sometime , sometimes not. Be patriotic with your nails ladies


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