Sunday, June 30, 2013

Celebrity Baby Scoop and Ivanka Trump!

The executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump organization, Ivanka Trump, is preparing for her second child this fall. The mogul mom, 31, is staying busy as ever, with multi-million dollar projects in Miami, Washington, D.C. and Vancouver, and with the launch of Trump Wellness, a “health and fitness program that will help Trump Hotel Collection guests make healthy choices when traveling.”
Ivanka opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her second pregnancy and 2-year-old daughter Arabella. She goes on to talk about prioritizing her career and family life, instilling strong work ethic in her kids, and equality in the workplace.
CBS: Congratulations on your second pregnancy! How are you feeling?
IT: “Arabella has been so wonderful and has brought countless joy to our entire family. I’m just excited to add to that and share new experiences with both of my children. There is so much to look forward to so I like to remind myself to enjoy being pregnant because once No. 2 arrives we are literally going to have our hands full.”
CBS: How is Arabella doing? What is she into?
IT: “It’s been such a joy to watch her personality develop. She has the best laugh! I will spend hours trying to evoke that sound. Motherhood was exciting before, and now that she’s becoming this little person, it’s a whole new world. She’s so curious and I love to watch her learn and discover. She recently discovered my high heels, which has been fun and slightly terrifying!”
CBS: What are some of the greatest rewards of motherhood? Biggest challenges?
IT: “It’s difficult for me to leave her in the mornings or be away from home when I’m traveling for business, but I know it’s really important that I continue working because it’s fulfilling to me and it makes me a better mom.
It’s about time and consistency. When I’m at home I’m there 100%, and when I’m at the office I’m there 100%. You can’t be two places at once, so you make a choice and commit to it. At the end of the day I’m more productive and efficient knowing I want to get home to my child and be engaged during our time together.”
CBS: How do you balance motherhood and your busy career?
IT: “I’ve learned to become incredibly efficient. I don’t stress about being ‘balanced’ because the truth is, parenting is unpredictable and you can’t account for everything. Instead, I’m cognizant of my priorities and I wake up knowing what I need to accomplish personally and professionally, and then I do everything I can to fulfill those goals.”
CBS: As vice president of Trump Organization, do you think females are just as strong, or stronger, in your organization?
IT: “I have always believed females are equally as strong. Whether it’s because we are sometimes underestimated or because we bring a different, creativity infused point of view to the table, women are absolutely a key asset not only to the Trump Organization, but to all corporations.”
CBS: What are you working on now? Any news to share?
IT: “We recently launched Trump Wellness, a 360-degree health and fitness program that will help our Trump Hotel Collection guests make healthy choices when traveling. Whether you are following a diet and exercise regimen to get you pre-baby body back, or are adhering to food restrictions when expecting, Trump Wellness has the right food, fitness and family friendly choices.
The program also encompasses a children’s menu that I find extremely beneficial. There is enough to think about when we travel as a family, so it’s great knowing there are organically grown, balanced options for Arabella.
Also, we are in the process of a $250 million renovation of the Trump National Doral Miami, which is an incredible property. I’m working very hard to achieve a design concept that incorporates the opulence of such a grand resort, but also appeals to a more modern, minimalistic pallet. Additionally, our selection by the federal government to be the developers of the iconic and landmarked Old Post Office building in Washington, D.C. is poised to become one of our most exciting projects.
I’m very excited for my apparel collection to hit stores this fall and scarves, hats, gloves, belts and home d├ęcor will be launching in spring 2014. These categories will be a great addition to footwear, handbags, fragrance, eyewear and fine jewelry.”
CBS: How do you plan to instill work ethic and promote a strong sense of self with your kids?
IT: “Both my mother and father instilled a great work ethic in me and my siblings. I will always be grateful for that because no matter what I’m doing, I work hard at it. Now that I have a daughter of my own and a second child on the way, my husband and I want to teach our kids what it means to be driven, and the value of taking pride in your work, regardless of where that might be.”
CBS: Are you and husband Jared Kushner hoping to have more children one day soon? If so, how many kids would you like to have?
IT: “It’s certainly something we’ve discussed, but we are expecting blissful chaos to ensue in a few months, so until then we are both going to focus on Arabella and preparing for the new baby.”

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