Thursday, May 23, 2013

Three Things to Look For When Purchasing Sofas

Standing the Test of Time: Three Things to Look For When Purchasing Sofas

Purchasing furniture for your home is both a major financial decision and a considerable aesthetic decision. It can take time, research, and plenty of thought. More specifically, the sofa you choose for your home can have a tremendous impact on the choice, since a sofa is the main focal point of most living rooms, and it serves many purposes: unwinding after work, allowing for guest seating during gatherings, providing a sleeping space for overflow guests, and accommodating family game and movie nights. Since a sofa is a major purchase, you’ll want your sofa to last many years.

Choose Simple Lines
Sofas come in many shapes and sizes, and you can find many incredible options through SofaSofa. While today’s design magazines may allure you with their trendy sofas, be sure to choose something that has classic, simple lines and is timeless. Look at magazines and photos from a variety of decades and note the similarities the sofas have with one another. Look for a shape that has these similarities and you’re sure to find a sofa that has timeless appeal. You can still have a trendy living room -- just make sure that the expensive pieces are timeless. You can swap out pillows, table lamps, and even artwork as trends change in order to keep the look fresh and appealing. Choose sofa lines that will work with many different accessories.

Choose Classic Colors
While a hot pink sofa might be a great conversation piece, think really hard about it before shelling out the cash. You and your partner may have eccentric tastes, and your kids may be thrilled about it, but remember that bold colors may not always be your favorite. Choose simple, classic colors such as red, green, or blue -- or natural colors like black, gray, or brown. These colors may seem boring, but they offer the perfect canvas for dressing up the space with flamboyant pillows, throw blankets, footrests, lamps, knick knacks, or other pieces you can easily switch out later.

Choose Subtle Prints
Back in the early nineties, it was easy to think that your woodsy red and green plaid sofa would never go out of style, but it did. That sofa may now be in the basement for your kids to climb on, or in the garage offering the dog a nice place to sleep. If you don’t want your new, expensive sofa to have a similar fate, choose prints wisely. It may be best to go with a solid-colored sofa in a neutral tone, but if you can’t do without prints, choose a subtle, small print in classic colors.

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  1. Great points! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those are all tried and trued things that have withstood the test of time! I also look for durable fabric choices as well! I would never purchase a sofa that didn't have a really good warranty ~ burn me once... Thanks!

  3. Thank you for sharing some great points. I would also consider looking at how high the ground clearance is of a sofa. When a sofa sits too low on the floor, it will be hard to clean out all the dust bunnies that collect under it.

    By the way, I have nominated your blog for some awards. If you could please visit Bames Live

  4. For me, the first consideration is the fabric - it has to be easy to clean, preferably removable and washable.

    Great tips as always, Connie!


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