Thursday, May 16, 2013

Taggies Tags n' Snuggles!!

Taggies Tags n' Snuggles 10I love Taggies!  I think they are a MUST have for every baby!!  Babies love to rub and play with the little tags because they are soft and silky. Now take those same soft and silky taggies and put them on the cutest, the softest, the biggest play mat and you've ever seen and you have the Taggies Tags n' Snuggles
Taggies Tags n' Snuggles 2
Taggies Tags n' Snuggles 5

Taggies Tags n' Snuggles 6There are 18 satin tags all along this adorable brown and yellow puppy. The body of this adorable puppy is made of the softest boa fabrics along with ultra soft padding. I love products that I can continue to use even when I know longer have a baby in the house. This Taggies Tags n' Suggles is one of those products!! The Taggies Tags n' Snuggles will grow with your child. The stitching is solid all along the puppy. The arms, feet and head are attached so well, this will last through more than one child. Alice is using this as a nap mat. Alice loves this cute puppy!!

Alice can't quit cuddling her new Taggie puppy. But look at this FACE!! Who wouldn't want to cuddle this puppy!??!
Taggies Tags n' Snuggles 4

Taggies Tags n' Snuggles 8

This little guy is about 32" long and about 27" wide of super soft cuddle time. Totally machine washable. Awesome for watching movies, cuddling and nap time too.

Taggies Tags n' Snuggles 9

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.


  1. I think that is so cute and comfy that I would like to take a nap with it! I will keep checking Target to see if they go on sale. It would be a great Christmas gift for my great-niece!

  2. Oh how cute! I even like the silky and cuddly stuffed animals. LOL I tell people I am buying it for the kids. Thanks for sharing.


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