Sunday, May 26, 2013

Reasons to Love your Natural Hair Color

Natural Hair
On this modern society, hair dyeing can be considered too mainstream. Even the boldest colors such as blue, violet and red are not that peculiar. In fact, it goes with the person’s fashion sense. A lot of people may enjoy the idea of dyeing hair; however, there are a lot of benefits that one can get from sticking with the natural hair color born with. Though dyeing hair may not be that bad at all, there are great things you can get out of loving your very own hair color.
Your natural hair color matches your skin tone. No two persons have the same shade of hair. This is because everyone has own genetic make-up unique from the other. It follows that the shade of hair you are in works in complete harmony with your skin tone as the two comes from one genetic stem.
Love your natural hair color because it also matches your eye color. Just like your skin tone, the eyes are matched with the hair color too. The use of contact lenses to match hair color will never be your problem if you are just going to cling with the natural.
Painting hair with a certain shade may delight you at first. But once it fades, it will again demand you to have it dyed again. This sounds like a lot of problem since hair treatments would ask you a certain amount of money to maintain. Hair treatments to protect hair color from fading may also ask you to spend extra amount. But if you will only be contented with your natural hair color, you do not even have to spend extra amount for salon treatments.
Think about loving your natural hair color as a form of a gift for your hair. Treatments, no matter how simple it may be will affect the normal growth of hair. It may even affect the hairs’ ability to maintain its natural shine and glow. So before you will be left with brittle and dry hair, learn to love the hair color you are born with to avoid the existence of problems.
Loving your natural hair color may leave you appreciating yourself more. If you are just doing your best to groom hair, it will turn out to be shiny and healthy. Its natural glow will come out and will surely bring out a different level of confidence.
But, coloring hair in different shades seems to be a fad nowadays. Once you have got the shade painted, you can still have it returned to normal. There are several ways to make it happen too.
If the shade painted is close to the root color of your hair, you will never have a big problem. You can go for curls to keep the color working in harmony. You will be amazed because you will find out that your hair has grown to its natural shade without you knowing.
One can also go for a head massage to facilitate circulation on the area thus hastening the growth of hair. When the hair has grown long enough, the shade painted will eventually fade and your natural color will replace it. But when your hair is already damaged, you can always make a shampoo by your own hands to make sure of its safeness, read recipe
There are a lot of reasons why you should love your own hair color. The list actually goes on. Besides, being contented with the hair color you are born with will save you from rushing on salons to put on dye again. Savings wise, you will get all the benefits. Now, you can just focus on buying hair products to leave your hair healthy. Who knows, you will just be liked by people because of your natural hair color that looks really in harmony with your whole being especially on the physical aspect.

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