Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mazda5 Grand Touring and Yosemite!!

The Mazda5 is an amazing vehicle for mountain camping!! So much ROOM!!!  Three rows of seating. Comfortable seating.  I sat in all 3 rows and was totally comfortable. The seats split in the third row so you can comfortably take 4 adults, a carseat, picnic lunch AND add a stroller and no one is cramped!!        
Each seat has a cup holder too for added convenience.
The very back of the Mazda5 has a charging port and extra storage pockets. Deep pockets!!

Since I mentioned carseat I want to point out the easy EASY EASY to attach the tether of the car seat. HOLY MOLY!! The middle row of seating moves forward so you can easily attach the tether! No more CRAWLING into the back of the car and attach it. If you have to use a carseat the Mazda5 is by far the easiest car to use!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Did you know when you are camping in Yosemite you have to take out your carseat at night??  Yup!! Kids eat in there carseat and small crumbs can be in the seat which bears can smell.  Rather than having your car ripped open like a can of beans... you move the carseat out every NIGHT!!  Thank you Mazda5 for making this easy!!

Standing in the back of the Mazda5 doesn't this look like a HUGE car?? 

Yet, from the outside you would never know there was so much room!! The Mazda5 is a sleek sporty looking automobile!! 

Disclosure I received a complimentary week driving the Mazda5 for the purpose of my review. (They aren't letting me keep this one either I checked AGAIN!!) No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.


  1. This looks awesome! I have a Mazda3 (my favorite car I have ever had!), but have been thinking about upgrading for something with more room.

  2. I love this and it would be the perfect vehicle for my son and his large family. Love all the room

  3. AnonymousMay 28, 2013

    Ok I take car seat out of car and what put in tent with me?? so bear says "dang can't go in there it is a tent" Awesome looking car gg

  4. We'll be needing a roomy and comfy vehicle for our impending road trip and The Hubs wants to rent a Toyota Innova while I insist on the Mazda 5. I made him read your Mazda 5 posts and looks like we're winning him over!!!

  5. that looks nice, I love that it is easy with carseats, my girls are both still in them, and is a pain to unbuckle then rebuckle their seats!! Sorry they wouldn't let you keep it thou lol!!

  6. This is one snazzy car.I agree with jenni. You should be able to keep it at least a month.I wish I could afford a car like this.Awesome review!! :)

  7. It does look roomy inside--yet still compact on the outside. I like the look of it.


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