Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Funky Yellow Bus Book Review

Alice reading Funky Yellow Bus Book 2My daughter Selena has passed along her love of reading to my Granddaughter Alice.  When Alice loves a book, it gets read over and over and over.  I have to tell you Funky Yellow Bus has been read so many times already Alice can chime in with certain pages!!

This book is geared toward 3 to 5 year old's. But, Funky Yellow Bus is so cute and fun I think younger and a little older will enjoy it just as much.

Alice reading Funky Yellow Bus Book 1
Funky Yellow Bus is written by Robin B. Rosenberg. 
The story is adorable.  The message is so important!! It's okay to be nervous when you do new things, like ride the school bus for the first time. 
Funky Yellow Bus has the cutest illustrations done by Bernie Freytag. The story has a perfect rhythm to it.  I truly enjoy reading this book aloud each time!!  Another reason I truly love this book is Brookie Cookie, the main character helps children work through their fears. Alice has a fear of the carousel at San Diego Safari Park and we talked about the carousel and being a big girl like Brookie Cookie.  Each time we read Funky Yellow Bus we talk about the carousel. 
I can always tell a "keeper book" when, I read "The End" and Alice immediately says "Again" and when you are on the 5th time in a row and Alice hasn't budged an inch, that book gets four very enthusiastic thumbs WAY UP!!

The book is available on Amazon for $8.99

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.


  1. awww i'd love to get this book for my son!

  2. This would be an awesome addition to our story time with the girls. Great information to teach them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. i never got a funky yellow book when i was a kid..i had to make me own!

  4. This book sounds like a winner for me. My grandson will be going on a yellow school bus this year for the first time and he loves buses. So this book should help him if he feels nervous that day

  5. Thanks for the great review - it's nice to know a book I illustrated is connecting with a new generation of dreamers. Enjoy the ride!

  6. Veronica VasquezJune 25, 2013

    Super cute book! My duaghter would love it!


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