Sunday, May 26, 2013

Carl Schurz Park

Carl Schurz Park, the Tennis Center at Central Park and Thomas Jefferson Park are new the homes of creativity. Music, art and giving are important aspects to the Sing For Hope Pianos non-profit foundation. These parks, and more than 85 others, are hosts to a colorful painted piano with purpose. Monica Yunus and her good friend from Juilliard, Camille Zamora, have blended together their passion for helping those that are underserved with their love of music. Each of these pianos provides a chance to touch the lives of many within the New York Metropolitan Area. The street pianos New York at are situated out in the open, where anyone who appreciates music can go up to them and tinkle with the keys or play a full piano ensemble. Volunteers and groups within the community have come together to protect the integrity of these pianos, while giving childrens groups, individuals and other non-profit organizations an opportunity to enjoy music and the act of giving. Members of the Sing For Hope Founders Circle are dedicated to unveiling more ways to support people within underserved communities. They utilize community events, special days and large gathering by special meetup groups within New York to spur on further awareness for community change, including fostering more volunteerism, financial giving and community networking. Along with these pretty painted pianos, the Sing For Hope team has founded a non-profit company that has taken artists contributions to the next level. With the creative inspiration of Rob Baird, artists at the United Cerebral Palsy of New York City and many more artists, Sing For Hope Pianos offers a phenomenal platform for more change and creativity within the world.

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