Friday, April 19, 2013

Octonauts Toys! Learning has never been so FUN!!!

I love toys that are fun and teach a lesson. Octonauts do just that!!
These little guys are so CUTE!!!
These toys are fun on land or in the sea (aka the bathtub).
The crew of eight Octonuats explore the ocean in search of adventure from their Octopod base.

Captain Barnacle Bear a brave polar bear is the leader of the Octonauts crew.
Kwazii Kitten is an orange daredevil kitten with a mysterious pirate past!
Peso Penguin is the medic for the team.
Dashi (Sauci) Dog is a sweet dachshund/sausage dog. Sauci oversees operation in the Octopod HQ.
Shellington Sea Otter is the nerdy sea otter scientist.
Tweak Bunny is the engineer. She maintains all the Octonaut vehiles.
Professor Inkling Octopus is the oceanographer. He founded the Octonauts to further underwater research and preservation.
Tunip the Vegimal, one of manyVegimals (part vegetable/ part animal) helps out around the Octopod.

The Octonauts are fun!!!  Emma and Eli had a BLAST with these toys!!

I LOVE the expressions on Emma & Eli's faces I made them stop playing to give a thumbs up. THEY did NOT want to stop playing!!  Evidence of this is clear in the video. They didn't hear me ask if they like their new toys!!  These 2 stayed in the tub till they were wrinkled and the water was cold!!

We love the color changing creatures and the water squirters too.  
These are SO FUNNNNN!!! Inside the tub and OUT!!  

Octonauts are available at Toys 'R' Us
For more information “Like” Octonauts on Facebook.
Tune in to watch Octonauts on Disney Jr. every day at 3:00 pm pacific time.
Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.


  1. They were sure having fun with those. Are they just for in the tub or outside of it?

    slehan at juno dot com

    1. Inside and outside. The little sub even has wheels for the floor!
      So cute!!

  2. We love Octonauts! I was sad they didn't have the toys in the US for Christmas, but we did get a few for Easter.

  3. My grandson loves to watch The Octonauts on TV. They look like toys that they would really have fun playing with. thanks for the info. His birthday is coming up so Im going to have to look in the stores for them.


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