Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Casters are the answer!!

Isn't this the most gorgeous coffee table ever??  From the moment I saw it in the store I knew I had to have it. I love my coffee table. It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture. I love everything about it EXCEPT cleaning around it and under it.... a NIGHTMARE!! It's heavy! It's SOLID. It's really REALLY heavy!
I know your thinking why move it? Remember Gracie? The dog? She sheds hair balls the size of small dogs! (Don't let that sweet face fool ya... she's a shedding maniac!)

Gracie is the reason I want to move that coffee table. I found these low profile casters at Accesscasters.com. Low profile but with high load capacity. These casters have 2" wheels that will hold 180 to 300 pounds. Some of the casters have swivel top plate mounts. The casters have an optional side locking brake are available on all mounting types. 
I know that casters are usually made for 
Copiers, Business Machines, Vending Machines, Computer Storage Devices, Electronic Equipment, Business Machines, Refrigerated Displays, and so on. But, plain ole' wheels are not going to work for this coffee table. (Did I mention it's REALLY heavy!! Like takes 2 people to move it, heavy!!) So.... casters in black and HA!! no more large hairballs under my coffee table!! 


  1. Yes casters are nice to put on any piece of furniture that is heavy . They are also nice for an island you have for your kitchen but dont always have space to let it in the middle of the kitchen. great idea

  2. Wow that is a great idea! Love that you can move stuff by yourself and clean. I would imagine that it had to be a little hard to install? Turning the table over and such?

  3. That would make your life so much easier. You can get them at your local hardware store or Menards.

  4. What a great idea. Most people wouldn't come up with this soultion. I love the coffee table.


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