Sunday, April 14, 2013

Area Rug Cleaning

I use to have this huge, beautiful Persian rug in my livingroom. It was perfect, it drew the room together!! The rug colors were stunning, black base with reds, oranges, blues and greens, it was beautiful. Yes, you read that right... I use to have a beautiful rug. Between 3 kids (all their friends), and numerous four legged pets that poor rug needed a lot of help in the end. I had regular carpet cleaners out to clean it, I scrubbed it, I would untangle the fringe every day. I loved that rug. In the end it went into the trash. If I had a true area rug cleaning company around then I would still have my rug!!

I've learned that ABC Rug cleans the area rugs all the way to the fringe. I can attest to the fact that most carpet cleaning companies don't address the fringe. The fringe remains a tangled and dirty mess.
ABC takes your area rugs, whether you have a Persian, Oriental, Chinese, Afghan, Silk, Wool or even handmade rugs, to their warehouse to clean them. A carpet cleaning company saturates the top half with detergent and water. They can't get the under side clean because they don't turn over your area rugs to clean that side. (again I can attest to that fact!) ABC cleans both top and bottom. Once your rug is thoroughly cleaned, both sides, it's hung to dry. COMPLETELY dry!! A rug that isn't hung up to dry doesn't get a chance to thoroughly dry, which causes your rug to mildew, rot and prematurely soil.  Since your rug is hung to dry you won't have any musty smell when your rug is returned.

ABC schedules a time to come out to your home and discuss how they can help you. From cleaning your rug thoroughly to repairing spots in your rug.

I want do overs with my rug!!


    1. I have an area rug that needs cleaning. I'll be sure to check out the local companies before I get it cleaned. Can't use this one because I'm in Colorado, not NYC.

      slehan at juno dot com

    2. the dude will not abide!

    3. I clean my own rugs but this company sound fabulous. Who wants a clean rug with dirty fringes anyhow Yuck. They sound like they really clean it well and dry it thorough too.
      Thanks for letting us know about them.

    4. I wish I had known about such a company. My rugs have had it and I need new ones now. Carpet cleaners just never paid enough attention to the rugs.

    5. We have had rugs cleaned by them for years, each time the experience has been outstanding. They are the best.


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