Friday, April 19, 2013

A to Z April Challenge Letter Q

Quick........Right side, left side, brain test. Take a look at this photo.

Now stare at the photo and let yourself zone out.......

Why am I making you do that?

The Right Side of The Brain
This is one of these great experiments that shows when you are using your Right or Left side of your brain. If you see the picture exactly as it is, you are using the left side of your brain.
When you stare you will see the figure shift and you will be using your right brain. You can switch back and forth. Stare to go to Right brain (it sort of trances you out or puts you in an altered NON THINKING state.
Begin thinking and reasoning about it and you will move back out of the altered state into Left brain thinking.  VERY cool!!!

A to Z Challenge blog everyday except Sunday (per the rules) with my theme being what makes me happy, what inspires me and what makes me ME!!!  So be prepared for more information about me than you ever wanted to know!!


  1. That is really fun! I first saw face, then profile.

    slehan at juno dot com

  2. I wish it was this easy to look at my manuscripts.

    Riann Colton

  3. Wow, very cool! I also saw face first and then profile. And you were right, the moment I started to wonder about the profile, I immediately switched to the original image. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the name of your blog. And the right brain/left brain test was fascinating. thanks for stopping by my bloggie.

  5. I've seen this recently and thought it was really cool, too!


  6. No way - it becomes a profile! That is so cool! (I'm easily amused. lol) Fun post! :-)

  7. Jennifer DysartApril 19, 2013

    Fun! I've seen these before, kind of tickles the brain!

  8. These are always fun. When I think of Quick. I think of trying to get my daughter moving in the morning. LOL

  9. Ooh, this is so cool! And kind of freaky too! :)

  10. Oh wow, this makes my brain hurt. That's awesome though. Great post.

    Happy A to Z blogging.

  11. So . . . if he is looking straight on is that your left side of your brain and his profile is using the right side?

    I once saw a twirling ballerina. If she twirled one direction you were using one side of the brain, then you could make her twirl the other direction by switching to the other side of your brain.

    Sure makes you appreciate the wonders of your brain! =)

    Blogging A to Z @ The Urge To Preserve

  12. Very cool. I love stuff like this.

  13. It shifts to a profile and then back again. Cool stuff!

  14. Very interesting, I like all this right brain, left brain stuff.
    Lucy from Lucy's Reality
    (now with a working link lol)

  15. My brain hurts (but in a good way). Thanks!

  16. Interesting. I've never been good at stuff like this.

  17. That was pretty cool. It was interesting how I could keep the profile "on" longer by willing myself not to think about it.
    Take 25 to Hollister
    Don't be a Hippie

  18. That. Is. So. Wicked! I love brain tricks!
    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)

  19. That is so cool! I never realized it was a result of using the left or right side of the brain. I've learned something new today!

  20. Cool and a great pick for Q!

  21. Hi Connie, this is a very interesting!

    thank you for visiting and congratulations for giving 800 (and that includes me!) participants the needed encouragement!
    --- April


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