Sunday, March 17, 2013

Underwood Watch Winders

You have to be kidding me!! I own five watches and not a one of them work. What?!?! I'm not messing with this again so checked around the Internet and found Underwood watch winders. I won't be caught like this again. These boxes have highly efficient, low-noise motors in them. Underwood watch winders are designed with a simple program that will keep virtually any model of automatic watch perfectly wound and ready to wear at all times. So, why haven't I had one all along?!  This site has boxes for a single watch or twenty watches.  These boxes are beautiful! These could easily sit on a dresser and look like a piece of art work! 

Isn't that pretty? These boxes are finely hand-crafted winders which are created by skilled Italian leather-workers. Combining high-tech materials and technology with fine, vegetable-tanned leathers. 

So, how many watches do you have that are ready to wear right now?
The modular winding system has a building-block architecture that starts with a foundation on which you can build as your collection of watches grows. How cool is that? This unit is pretty darn smart too! The unit rotates for 10 minutes in a clockwise direction and then 10 minutes counter clockwise. The Underwood box stops for 5 hours and 40 minutes. The cycling keeps going and your end up with an hour and twenty minutes of active motion everyday which is more than enough to have a fully charged watch every time you want to wear it.  Unlike myself, with five dead watches sitting on her dresser. Not to mention an uncharged cell phone..... what time IS IT?!?!

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  1. Wow what they wont think of next. I always have watches laying around that need wound. The case for them is really nice a rich looking too


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