Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time for Spring Cleaning!

I don't know about you, but, I'm ready for SPRING!!  I'm ready to throw open the doors and windows, let some sunshine and fresh air in.  I'm ready for clean carpets, clean furniture.  It's time to do some deep down dusting, de-cluttering and sprucing up.  I'm ready for clean windows and shutters too.

So, I started looking for a professional carpet cleaning company. I found one that made me giddy from the first line I read "WE ADOPT TO YOUR SCHEDULE"  If more businesses truly cared about your business they could learn a lesson from these guys! 100% green!! "BOOK today! Clean today!!"
WHAAAATT!??!  So much about this company that I love....... 'Each job receives our team’s full attention. We have never over booked cleaning appointments'.  

They provide complete and affordable cleaning service.  They clean your carpets, upholstery and mattress without leaving any harsh chemicals or strong smells that can make you sick.
All that and 100% Satisfaction On All Work.  MAN, I wish they were in Southern California where I'm stuck with "so... we'll see you sometime between 9:00 am and next Friday" 

(Anyone out there want to come clean? I'll supply plenty of coffee and donuts!!  Seriously, now that I've looked around at the mess in this house I am too tired to clean.)


  1. We just did some cleaning over the weekend it was tiring but necessary.

    1. We should have.... the mess is just getting worse and worse! LOL I need a day where no one else is home. Do you have trouble cleaning with family home?

  2. I would not like to open the doors just yet! As we are getting yet another snow storm! I think you might have even heard it in California, when I yelled "ENOUGH!". Every winter everyone becomes a new driver on this stuff. I for one can't wait till spring! I think the groundhog lied though. To open the windows to the fresh country breeze, sounds very welcoming. It is heard to get a good carpet cleaner. Really check for references.

    1. Diane thank you for explaining what that scream was I heard. It was kinda muffled... musta been the snow.
      Today and the rest of the week we have rain... rain... and more rain. Maybe throwing the doors open was a BAD idea! Mother Nature says "put your feet up... have some coffee"


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