Thursday, February 21, 2013

New door anyone?

Our house is about 32 years old. We've been in it for 25 years.  After the 3 kids moved out we decided that every year we would upgrade one thing. We have completely remodeled the guest bathroom and it looks fabulous!!  We added an apartment for my Mom. We've done flooring, french patio doors, new counter tops. Everything we've done looks amazing. I'm so excited about this years upgrade. DH has promised me a new front door!!  WOOO HOOOO!!  So, let me show you two of the doors I'm looking at.

I love both of these, because number one, they are so pretty! I love the frosted windows on these doors. People can't see in but these doors would let in a lot of light.

Next, the doors are either Fiberglass or Steel!  I live in Southern California I'm opting for steel.
I love that these doors look like wood!

Since the doors aren't really wood, they aren't going to weather, I won't have to paint them, they won't dent. These doors have a triple blade bottom which means winter warm stays in... summer heat stays out! ENERGY STAR® rated in all 50 states

Did you know that fiberglass doors offer four times greater insulation than a wood door. The doors are insulated with an inner core of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam.

Which door do you like best?  I think I am leaning toward the darker one. But, them again that white one is very pretty. I can tell, this won't be an easy decision. 


  1. I vote for the dark wood

  2. Oh can I vote, can I? I vote for door number one. I think the dark wood grain looks more classy! Thanks for sharing.


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