Friday, February 22, 2013

Ikea Furniture Assembly!

Wow, can you tell I'm in a spring clean and remodel mode or what?!?!! It seems all of my posts lately have to do with cleaning, remodeling, new furniture, new carpet (or a new house! Maybe in the mountains?? Maybe at the beach?!)
What we really need very SOON!!  VERY. SOON. Is an entertainment center.  Our tv stand is about on it's last channel (I'm so funny, I make myself laugh!) seriously! The entertainment system we have now creaks and moans (You know, like the noise a house makes when it's settling?)
I know that any day it's just going to crumble to the floor taking the tv, knick knacks and game system to the floor with it!! I found a beautiful tv cabinet at Ikea plenty of shelves, storage area with doors and drawers. BUT! I really have no desire to do the assembly work (seriously! After putting together kids toys, I can not handle anymore "slide piece A into piece D and look for piece Z (which looks like piece Q) and twist it to the left".  NO NO NO NO! I will not do anymore assembly work!!)  Thank you Handybook Ikea Furniture Assembly!
HandyBook is super easy!! I mean S-U-P-E-R easy!!  Add your zipcode, the date and the time you want to book.  Select the piece you want assembled and whoola you'll have your quote.
There is also a live operator that pops on and asks if you want help or have any questions.
Everything is super easy and very straight forward! Most important I don't have to look for piece S which wasn't included in the box!

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