Saturday, January 12, 2013

TOOOOO good not to share!!!

When the kids are too quiet THERE is ALWAYS a reason!!! I truly love my kids.... first grab the camera........ then you can come unglued!  Grandbabies....... Emma and Eli ....
This is from my daughter Lael:
I'm in the other room folding laundry listening to the E's laughing together. "Ah, they're playing so good together," I think to myself. So foolish of me. When I came to check on them, this is what I found...

Emma Eli and 1 brand new large container of baby powder 2Emma Eli and 1 brand new large container of baby powder Eli and 1 brand new large container of baby powder


  1. LOL, you should have known, quite mean trouble.

    1. LOL I know.... it's so sad... we pray for just 10 minutes quiet time... and then when we get it..... LOL never ending cycle!!

  2. A few minutes of peace is usually indicative of an hour of clean up. Sigh...
    Tracy @

    1. Isn't that the truth!! Course since it's the Grandbabies I get GREAT joy in this.... first I don't have clean it up... and second welllll it's just payback! : )
      Another great reason that being a G'ma ROCKS!!!!!!!!


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