Saturday, January 19, 2013

So much STUFF!!! Too much STUFF!!

Where did all this STUFF come from?!?!  Seriously!!  Yes, we've been in this house since 1985.  True, three kids grew up here. Three kids have stuff stored here. Then there is me I tend to collect stuff..... truly about one box away from staring on hoarders!! 
So, of course, all this STUFF has oozed into the garage... so I started looking at garage organization systems.  This site made my heart beat faster. I was drooling over the organization and even the shiny floors on their site. (note to self... must mop tomorrow). 
Our garage is barely able to hold 2 cars. Then you add the holiday stuff, lawn stuff, tools, car stuff.... the only word that describes it is 'we are oozing stuff!!' I want pretty cabinets. I want organization! This site has so many options! 
Cabinets for organization
So many different cabinets for storing!  Cabinets and drawers for organizing.  Then I started thinking ohhhhh in my craft room? Why not?!  I want to own everything on this site.  I would be so organized!!  My house and garage would be so great, I'm sure it would bring a tear to Martha Stewart's eyes. (And keep me off national TV as the season finale of Hoarders) 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by STUFF in your house? How about the garage?  PLEASE above all tell me your floors aren't shiny like that site. That would probably push me right over the edge!  What do you do when you start to feel overwhelmed? I'm really truly not good at throwing away. (Trust me... ask anyone!) I was super excited that today. Baby Alice wore a pair of jeans that 2 year old Selena wore!! ... see?? hoarder!! 
I'm headed back over to drool on some cabinets.

Seriously!!  In a craft room wouldn't that be amazing??  Look at all that organization!! All the drawers all the cabinets. ALL on wheels. I wonder how much yelling DH would do as each piece accidentally left his garage..... and ended in my room.......... hummmm.... 

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  1. OH man, I need storage! That does look amazing. The only problem is I don't know if I would have space even for the cabinets. I need to do some de-cluttering stat!


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