Saturday, January 12, 2013

PeekaBoo! Guess Who!!

Product Testers PeekaBoo Guess Who App 1
Ya'all know I watch Baby Alice during the week. (At 19 months old, I really should stop calling her BABY!!)  ANNNNNYWAY......I'm always looking for fun, educational apps that also appeal to the E's.  Emma is 4, Eli is 2, and PeekaBoo! Guess Who! made us ALL very happy!  PeekaBoo! Guess Who! is compatible with iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.3 or later.  

This app has fun, kid friendly graphics. 3 modes to play, baby, 2+ and kid modes in four areas: Farm, Jungle, Circus and Ocean. Each mode has adorable animals with BIG blue eyes, corresponding animal sounds. Narrated by children. (I really love that!!)

Product Testers PeekaBoo Guess Who App 2Baby mode: tap on the barn door, an animal sound is played, tap the barn door a second time, the door rises and you hear the animal and a young voice tells you what the animal is.  So cute!! 

In the 2+ mode: same barn appears, the door goes up, you see and hear the animal.  Three bubbles appear to the side with 3 choices as to what's behind the door. Do you remember what is behind the big door??  Touch the correct animal and you get a "yippy or yeaaaa" with a bright green smiley, face. Alice, she hears "yea or yippy" and she starts clapping!  The E's... well, they just get giddy!! These kids crack me UP!!   Choose wrong animal you get a red, sad face. 
Product Testers PeekaBoo Guess Who App 3Product Testers PeekaBoo Guess Who App 4

In kid mode: same barn you will hear the animal. Three bubbles with 3 choices appear.  Choose the animal that goes with the noise. 

There is a cute little dog that appears from time to time blow kisses, hum or even snore if you are taking too long or the player has suddenly left the room.... ummm hummmm. 

Alice is really good with farm animals so she is already playing in the big kid mode for farm. 
For the other 3 sections we are in baby mode, making this app truly worth the money!  No one is tired of playing PeekaBoo Guess Who. Trust me we play this app A LOT!!  When Alice wakes up in the morning she immediately starts asking "game? game? game?  OKAY?" (If you say it 3 times it must happen!?) 

The E's play all the modes. I swear these two were born with an iPad in their hands. They can change modes faster than I can turn the iPad ON!! 

With more than 40 animals we will be using this app for a long time! 

Big bonus for me is in the settings, you decide how many seconds or minutes before the game gives you a hint.  Sound effects can be turned on or off.  Music on or off and the sound level as well!
You decide if you want the see the word on the screen.
Seriously! You will love this app but your baby/toddler will love it more.  $1.99 on iTunes.  Check out this preview:

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The 3 grandkids are obsessed with the Elfishki apps. They adore being able to email a picture of their 'cakes' and the newest 'Christmas Tree'.  We're HUGE fans of Elfishki over here!!!  

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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