Friday, January 25, 2013

NOPE!! NOT my job!!

NOPE!!  NO!! NO!! NO!! I am NOT doing this job.... E.V.E.R!!!

This fellow here has nerves of steel..!!!
Notice the Cobras standing up watching him work . . . Whatever this dude's salary is, he definitely isn't paid enough for THIS JOB.
Next time you start to complain about your job think of this poor fella.


  1. oh hell no, they made the mess they can clean it up

  2. Nope no not me ever ever never! I do not like snakes of any kind. It gives me cold chills down my spine just thinking about dealing with a snake. ughhhhh

    1. He's handling those like they were cats!! UGHHHHH!!!! I'm with you on the cold chills!!

  3. Nope; wouldn't do it! We should be happy with our jobs, yes? Have a good week.

    1. Seriously, not complaining again!! NOPE NOPE NOPE!!!


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