Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coupons for Personalization Mall!!

I love shopping on line.  It's easy. It's fast. It saves gas!!  Why wouldn't you??  With that said, I never hit confirm payment without first checking for a coupon!!  Seriously! What's the point of saving all that if you can't save a few more dollars?? Yes, I'm a cheap frugal girl!!

My new favorite place? Coupons for Personalization Mall.  Right now with Valentines around the corner you should see the cool stuff!!  WOOOO everything you can imagine!

A favorite blog of mine is is actually where I found the Personalization Mall coupons.  You really have to check her blog out! She has really great timely topics!  Her shopping links are awesome! (Did you know now is the time to shop for camping gear?  I had no idea.)  She has REALLY, REALLY great giveaways listed too!!  More than that, her content is informative and timely. Recent topic's have included "Getting Organized: Kids’ Closets", "Kids and Funerals: Things to Think About", and one I can't wait to get back to is "Pinterest and Homemade Valentines".
I think you'll truly enjoy her site.  Go look...... I'll wait here.


  1. THis is great! I am always looking for great deals. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Always have to watch for those coupons!! : )

  2. Great deal on some great items! I love giving personalized gifts.

    1. Me too!! I love personalized gifts.


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