Thursday, December 06, 2012

My Radio Show debut!! on MP3

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If you are a regular here you know I was on Blythe Lipman's radio show "Baby and Toddler Instructions"
If you missed it live, the interview is on MP3
Baby And Toddler Instructions 12-5-2012!!  Take a listen because.............. I have a question for you.  Would a weekly Peanut Butter and Whine radio show be something I could twist your arm to listen too?
Product reviews, product companies telling us more about their product and what they look for in a blogger?
Reminders about giveaways that are ending and what giveaways and product reviews are coming.
Questions from my followers as well.

I would love some feedback!  Pretty please!!  (Keep into account this was a first to me... I got a little tongue tied and forgot a couple of product names...... I was nervous!) Blythe is such a gracious hostess, it did feel like I was sitting at the kitchen table with her. So once again, THANK YOU Blythe!!  Check out her weekly radio show Baby and Toddler Instructions Wednesdays 11am est.

Some of the companies I mentioned on air are Giggle Bellies, Toe Juice, Little Star Lullabies, Lovable Labels, IL LOVO and more!!


  1. Will you have the opportunity to be a regular guest? I was interested in hearing you talk about products you have reviewed.

    1. Thank you! That's a possibility! Or maybe even my very own radio show. You know I'll keep you posted!

  2. I am so glad everything went well and you actually enjoyed yourself. But of course I knew you would be a hit! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. =)

    1. Thank you Diane! Blythe really made me comfortable from the beginning. It was FUN! Who woulda thought!?!? LOL


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