Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lael's Sunday Punny

Lael's Sunday Punny Safety Notice


  1. Well you none coffee drinkers ask such silly things first thing in the morning How are you this morning, did you have a good sleep, what are your plans today?? Really.... how do I know all that I have not had my coffee yet. gg

  2. You do not have to be a non-coffee drinker to get bit. I have seen this blog owner look like this but with sharper teeth. So you learn, if the person does not have a cup in hand, you hand them a cup and wait for them to take a couple of sips. Then you can proceed with some simple questions. DH

  3. LoL you two are so funny! Poor Connie, even you daughter is in on the act. My father was a real morning person and could absolutely drive you nuts in the morning. He was way too chipper in the morning. He would sing you awake and then ask you "What got you up so early this morning Mary sun shine?" One time he had us all get up get dressed and on our way out to the bus stop yelled "Why are you waiting for the bus? It's saturday!" He was not funny at the time but I miss that chipper ness and I miss him a lot.Thanks for sharing your family with us Connie1 :)

    1. LOL OHhhhhh your Father was a stinker!! SEE?? He would have fit right into our family just like I know you would!!!!
      I think I'm going to borrow your Fathers "Mary Sun shine!" I'll try it out on Alice in the morning!


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