Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World and GOODBYE!!

I'm ready for the end of the world!!  Big screen TV check........ picked up the Panasonic TC-P55GT50.  Less than $2000 cause it was on sale.  I figure ya know...... go nuts, but lets not be stupid!  A sale is a sale!! End of the world or not!! 

Picked my brand new Maybach Exelero.  Yup... 8 million dollar..... sweet ride!! (kinda an ugly car if you ask me... but it's really all about the status anyway...) And it goes 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds!!  V12 twin turbo engine! 

Course, I needed a big ole honkin' diamond ring..... I mean.... HELLO!!!  Something has to off set this really ugly but, very expensive car.  Only the best would do.  Liz Taylor's $8,818,500 dollar diamond ring to be exact.  Ohhh yea baby!!  **I may be poor but I'm going out in style!! 

You've been the best followers EVER!!!

**I'm actually having dinner with my family.... you know.... just in case.   What about you?  What are you doing??



  1. Well my first thought (and my favorite one), was go to bank close out accounts, go to Vegas find a great slot machine, put my arms around it (to take it with me). Then I looked around and decided I really need to do some cleaning and little baking dull huh. gg

  2. Since you spent all that money, I have had to go into hidding. I have to sell body parts just to get a 30 day extension on the money you borrowed. Just waiting for my Obama bucks to get here then I will be alright. DH in hidding


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