Tuesday, October 09, 2012


We're in the process of remodeling our master bathroom so I've been shopping bath sites and I came across a site called Waterworks. This site has so many cool things that when I looked at the clock I realized I've been shopping on there for hours! I've been pinning things I want need! to my Pinterest boards all evening!  I found handsoaps, shower gels and even kitchen soaps. Waterworks has fixtures and a "too die for" basket set!!  I've found the perfect bathtub and an amazing faucet I want too. I can't believe how many beautiful things this site has!

One of the very first things that caught my eye is the Olive and Sage kitchen soap, doesn't that sound  inviting?? Then I immediately was drawn to Grenadine Blossom bar soap, French milled made with shea butter. Between the scents and the packaging, I want them!!  I want ALL of them!! Well, like I said, I have a whole board of 'wants and needs' from Waterworks.  


  1. This site makes me want to fix up a "Gift Basjet" for ME. gg

    1. I know!! I'm tellin' ya I was 'ohhh I want this... and I want that... ohhh look at this one!" All evening!!

  2. Oh maybe you should just suggest they have an awesome giveaway to promote their business. I know I for one would love to enter one!!! hint! hint!

    1. Oh Diane! I do love the way you think!! Maybe I could talk the into the baskets? I love those open weave baskets! Hummmm I will let ya know!


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