Monday, October 15, 2012

Know Your Bank!

So DH and I have been contemplating a big life changing move, yup, DH might be retiring by the end of the year. One very important step is making sure our finances will make us the most money! This has to last us a long ... long... hopefully even longer, long time!! 

We've been researching a lot of different avenues and during our searching I found Know Your Bank.  Opening this site was like WOOOOW!! Why have I never found this site before?!?!

Know Your Bank has all the tools I need, and not just for retirement!!  I can compare credit card accounts. I can compare interest rates, annual fee, and even if there is a introductory APR available! It's all right there! The credit card comparison tool shows me all the information I need and want!

What I found the MOST helpful is the page on Financial Education! This is where I learned the difference between a Roth IRA  vs a Traditional IRA. There are pages and pages of information! There's even a glossary of financial terms.  Truly this page is now on my list of favorites, I know I'll keep coming back too it.  

Now... off to find a page of what to do with a husband that's home 24/7!! 


  1. thanks for the site link

  2. Banking mumbo jumbo confuses me! Thanks for this awesome informational site!

  3. Thank you so much for the information, I had no idea there was a site like this.


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