Monday, October 22, 2012

CuddleUppet Review

Let's talk CUTE and CUDDLY!!!!!!!  I'm not just talking about Baby Alice either!!  Meet Yellow Dog CuddleUppet  First off this is the softest blanket you have ever felt!!  This is steal from the kid.... cuddle on the couch soft and cuddly!!  Okay, okay .... maybe only when she is sleeping will I steal this one. This is the cutest blanket!!  We love this blanket!!  It's so soft, it's large (39""x 28") and it's a PUPPET!!!  What we really had fun with is putting your hand inside Yellow Puppy's head and making him talk to Baby Alice.  She thought this was the greatest thing ever!!  I loved the fact that the tongue isn't sewn or glued down and Yellow Puppy could lick Alice. 

Ya'all know me when it comes to kids stuff I go a little nuts with photo's but seriously! LOOK how much fun Alice is having with her CuddleUppet!! 

The ears and tongue are attached so that even with Alice pulling on them, they aren't going anywhere.  

The puppet part will accommodate even a larger size hand.  
These cute little CuddleUppets are machine washable and recognized by industry experts such as Dr. Toy, PTPA Media and Traveling Mom as a Top Travel Toy since the product launch in 2012

Jay At Play offers several different CuddleUppets to choose from, Unicorn, Alligator, Monkey and more.

The CuddleUppets are $19.99 and any additional CuddleUppets are just $16.99 on the same order.

These would be adorable for any child at Christmas or maybe your favorite blogger??  
When all is said and done it's the perfect cuddle up and nap blanket!!

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.


  1. She is such a natural baby model. That smile is just perfect. DH

  2. Now that is just adorable! The CuddleUppet is bad either. LOL :)

    1. Diane, I'm having a blast with this kid!!!!!

  3. Aww Alice is a doll!!! Those Uppets are so cute too, thinking about getting one for my great niece, she kinda looks like Alice lol

    1. Thank you Jan! The CuddleUppets would be an awesome gift! Alice is still draggin' hers around everywhere!

  4. Aww Alice is a doll!!! Those Uppets are so cute too, thinking about getting one for my great niece, she kinda looks like Alice lol

  5. I give up, what is going on off camera that is making that baby smile so much? DH

  6. I love the T-shirt in the 4th picture uf Ms Alice (click on the pic and you can read it) gg

  7. This is adorable and know any child would love it!

  8. That's so cute! My daughter would love that!


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