Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Canada Goose Parka... I want it!!

What is the most important purchase for trip to Alaska??  The coat of course!! Today, I found the Canada Goose Trillium Parka. How perfect is this coat!?!?
I've stopped shopping. THIS IS the coat!!  I love everything about this coat!! The color combination. The hood is removable (but why would you want to take it off?!?)

The sleeves have a elasticized nylon rib-knit cuff. There isn't any cold getting in this coat!!  The outside is treated with water-repellent finish and the inside is 625 fill power white duck down!!

This coat is long too!  Mid thigh.  There is a drop in pocket on the inside too.

Okay, back to the fur hood!! I LOVE that HOOD!!!! Check it out at


  1. umm wonder how much it is??? gg

  2. Boy aren't you the bottomless well of wants and needs. I suppose you are spoiled enough to get it before the next Alaska cruise. DH

  3. I hear the that they are really warm too! Hope you get one, it would look so good on you! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks Diane! I would rock that fur hood!! LOL!!

  4. I was just checking to see if you got the Canadian Parka yet. You deserve it with all you do and I think you should get it. Just think of all the money you will save by not catching a cold while wearing it. You also won't be at risk for hypothermia! :) Boy am I luck I live far away from your family! I could get hurt. LOL!

    1. LOL!!! It's true I would save money by not getting sick!! I'm gonna use that line and see if DH caves!!
      Don't worry I'd protect you from THEM!!! LOL


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