Saturday, October 13, 2012

A girl can dream!!

I want a new house. I want a BRAND NEW, nobody has ever lived in, house..... So I've decided this is my dream house!!  I found this on the Kolter Homes site. Yup, this is my new house.

I want pretty flowers in the front.  I want a driveway with brick.

Isn't that the coolest floorplan??  I think the laundry room is bigger than my bedroom right now!!  There's a LOFT!! I want a loft!! A loft and a foyer!
There is a private white sand beach!!!!! Picnic pavilion with bbq! Walking trails and so many more things!!  I want.... I want... please??  Then I found another model that is immediate move in and it has it's own POOL!!

Ahhhhh I'm off to dream some more of a new house.... all clean with that new house smell........ new appliances and freshly painted walls..... and look... no dog hair ANYWHERE!! 

What about you?  Would you move if you had the chance?  What would be in your dream home?


  1. Love the lay out. Needs more closet space in the master bedroom, otherwise there is no closet space for me. DH

    1. Men get closet space in the garage!!

  2. Just think of all that wall space to hang pictures. gg

    1. Hey! That's true!! Stand back everyone!! Bring me a hammer and nails.... STAT!!

  3. Isure would move to a bigger house with BIG closets, and nice laundry room.. getting tired of folding laundry on my couch, it tends to stay there for a few days.

    1. Karen at least yours made it to the couch.... I'm embarrassed to say I've washed and rewashed this same load THREE TIMES!!!!!!!

  4. I want a wrap around porch as well as a closed patio off my sons room so he would be able to play and I could work out there with him. Plus window seats in each room. The Loft would be my office. Oh wow my own space. How soon can I move in???


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