Saturday, September 08, 2012

How to fix your Alexa Rating?


I was doing great..... my Alexa rank was awesome ...... life inside my lil' blog world was just hunky dory..... until 2 days ago and quote my grandson Eli "WHAAAA happpin??"

I'm going to fix this!! I asked the ever knowing google "What Happened to my Alexa Ranking?" pages and pages of people asking the same thing. Truthfully, I found as many different idea's of getting a lower Alexa Ranking as there is getting a better Google rank!  Every site had a different theory. So, I picked 9 steps and these are the things I plan to do, have done, will continue to do. I'll update you in, let's say 30 days!

#1. Every site agrees the most important step is having the Alexa toolbar installed (DUH! That's a given!).    
      I've had mine installed for sometime now.

#2  Write....... a lot...... I do!! I DO!!  I write every single day.  (If you write they will come! They'll come
      back just to see if your promise, of 'there will BE SOMETHING HERE EVERY DAY' is still true)

#3  Self promote.... hummm. Okay, maybe I don't do that enough?  I tweet a lot. My own kids have
      blocked me from their facebook pages. But, I will try and find more places to promote myself.

#4  Better post titles/headlines.  Writing a catchy title can help, because, face it..... you want more traffic.  So
      be prepared for some 'creative' titles headed your way. (I can do that right??)
#5 Part B One of my wonderful readers wrote this comment: So I decided to update the post and delete number 5. Thank you Shauna!!

#6  Graphics.  HELLO?? I don't have many blog posts without graphics.

#7  A tip I saw on several sites that surprised me, is tweaking/refreshing some of your old content and
      re-posting them as new.  Ohhhhh wait... I probably shouldn't have told you I'm going to do that...
      erase erase... forget I said anything about that one. We'll just call it de-ja-vue!

#8  Guest posts!!  Okay, that's one I haven't done.  I guess it's time! So who's gonna volunteer to be first?

#9  Asking for an Alexa review from my visitors. I usually put that in my giveaways but, I haven't come right out and begged asked WHINED for a review.  So pretty please?  With sugar on top? A quick review?  Don't make me send Zombie baby over!!

Or Chuck Norris!! Okay what about bribbing you? I get a lower Alexa score I get better giveaways to offer!! Will that work??  No?? Fine... I know **Chuck Norris! I could call him to drive past your house!!

Anyone have any other ideas on lowering your Alexa score?  AND while I'm at it... increasing your Google Ranking?  What steps have you done that helped??
Here is my Alexa Ranking Snapshot today:

On 10/07/2012 I'll be back with an updated snapshot of my Alexa Ranking. Hopefully, with lower numbers!!

Hummmm since I've posted this it's gone up MORE!!  I am up for more suggestions!! Please!!  Today 9/12/12

SERIOUSLY headed in the WRONG direction!!!  I need some advice!!  ANYONE?!?!? 0/9/23/2012

I am totally baffled now.... my Alexa is skyrocketing.  So DO not take my advice at ALL!!!  LOL Here is a screen shot from Today 9/28/2012

** and by 'knowing' Chuck Norris, I mean I've seen every movie he's ever been in, I own a t-shirt with his likeness on it... we're tight!!... I'm sure he would take my call!!


  1. OMG, I know, right?!? Mine just keeps going up and up and up. . . And I feel like I've been out networking and my page views are going up, but my Alexa just keeps rising! Thanks for the tips. . but my hubby won't let me install the Alexa bar. Boooo!! :(

    1. Michelle, did your Alexa rank seem to plummet over night? Well, having the Alexa bar installed on my computer hasn't helped me...... So don't feel to bad

    2. Michelle, My rating is going up so fast now I may just uninstall my Alexa bar I'm stressing about it too much!

  2. I have been told that Alexa hops can get you in trouble with them.. as they consider that cheating.. so you really don't want those words to show on your blog?? idk if that's true but I did stop all of that.. mine is not good any longer but mostly my fault as I haven't posted enough etc. Thanks for the post and the great ideas I appreciate it..

    1. Shauna, I will fix that step right now! I'm going to incorporate your comment to the post too! Thank you for the information!

  3. Hahaha! Your kids blocked you on Facebook!
    I blocked my mom too and my brother, and...well too many to name, how funny you are!!!
    I don't know much about Alexa but hope it sorts it's self out!

    1. I'm so very glad I'm not the only 'blocked Mom!'
      I hope Alexa works itself out too!!
      Thank you for reading my blog!

  4. I can saw mine is rising as well and I do most of the things you do as well but I am going to showcase your article and take a picture of my Alexa and I will track it along with you. Lets kick this Alexa to the curb. In the meantime lets exchange Guest Post as I can use more of them as well. Plus if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook I will do the same for you and I Promise I will not block you in fact I will share your articles on there for you.

    1. Glenda I'm IN!!! I agree!! Let's kick Alexa to the curb!! YEA!!! Let's do it!

  5. Mine has been floundering also but staying within "acceptable range" I'm still working to bring it down to less then 100K but it seems "impossible" Commenting on other blogs have helped me so far. Where was your alexa ranking before that plummet?

    1. My Alexa was around 4,300,000

      It's getting better since I started my list. 4,537,382 is today's 9/16/2012


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