Friday, September 14, 2012

Golden Records CD Give AWAY and Review!

I'm soooooo gonna show my age here but I remember "Golden Records!" growing up!! They were the greatest records ever!! So when I was offered a chance to review this CD I was beyond thrilled!!  Not only do I get to share my review with you but I also get to share something I loved as a kid with my grandkids!!  YEA!! I'm so excited!!! After decades of silence Golden Records are BACK!!!!!
45 record player

I had a little plastic record player just like this one and a stack of Golden Records!  And yes, they were gold in color and they were AWESOME stories and songs!!!
Little Golden Records

I'm so happy to bring you my review of  Golden Records: The Magic Continues - Celebrity Series, Vol. 1.

I have to say listening to the Golden Records CD made me smile just as much as it did when I was young! Hearing Ed Asner, Susan Sarandon, Alica Silverstone and others reading children stories like Cinderella, Puss In Boots and  Rapunzel is an AWESOME treat!!

What else was awesome??  The grandkids loved them! Listened to the stories! QUIETLY!! In the car!!!  Like, how quite they are when the lady at the library is reading them a story! Q-U-I-E-T!!  Ohhhhh Golden Records why weren't you around when my kids were little??  A quiet car ride?!?!  I'd of paid dearly for that luxury!!
The New Golden Records

Head over to Golden Records Facebook page and receive a free download just for visiting! (Liking Golden Records on FB is a mandatory for the giveaway. Just don't forget to come back and enter for a chance at your own copy of the cd!)

Golden Records are available everywhere!! Amazon and Walmart   iTunes and Select-O-Hits

I can't wait for more CD's to come out!  There is a Halloween CD that will be out October 2nd. I can't WAIT!!  Then on the 16th of October there is a holiday CD coming.  YEA Golden Records are BACK!!!

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Don't forget to comeback and enter the giveaway........ you'll receive more entries for each follow!

The awesome people over at Golden Records are giving one very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower a copy of the same CD I received.  "Golden Records: The Magic Continues - Celebrity Series, Vol. 1"  Good Luck!! 


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  1. I love this review it also took me down memory lane. The first "victorla" I remember belonged to my Grandmother. yep we had to wind it up.

    Thank you for bringing back those memories

  2. Patricia WilliamsSeptember 18, 2012

    I had one of the record players pictured above. My sister and I played with it all the time. We weren't allow to touch the real record player.

  3. Yes--but not until you brought it up-- I would listen to my little records forever

  4. i remember this so well! i loved it!

  5. Yes, I remember them! I even used them in my classroom when I started teaching in 1977.

  6. Not only I remember........I miss theme

  7. I do remember them! Wow, memory lane....

  8. Oh yes, I sure do remember playing with it.


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