Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Smile! Luster Premium White Teeth Whitening!

I am part of a the BzzAgent group and I was given the opportunity to test out the Luster Premium White Teeth Whitening system.
Before smile

Before the kit arrived I took a picture of my teeth. Not too bad...

Luster Premium Kit       
Luster Premium Kit 2
What was in my kit?
Power White Fluoride Toothpaste
Accelerator Mouth Rinse
Super Whitener Gel
Activating Whitening Light

Rinse with the Accelerator Mouth Rinse. 10ml rinse for 10 seconds. Make sure to rinse around your front teeth too.
Brush your teeth with the Super Whitening Gel. Apply on each tooth. Be sure and cover sides too. Wait 20 seconds for the gel to dry before allowing teeth to contact lips or tongue. 
Position the Whitening Light in front of your teeth press the button. You can rest your lips on the lights rubber head.  
The light goes off automatically in 2 minutes.  

How long does each treatment take?
2 minutes for each treatment.
Luster Premium recommends several different treatment options:
Rapid Treatment do 10 to 20 treatments over the course of 1 hour
Weekend Treatment do 5 treatments in the morning and the evening over 2 days
Weekday Treatment do 3-4 treatments per day over 5 days
Full Week Treatment do 2-3 treatments a day over a course of a week.

The Luster Premium kit on their site sells for $32.99.  So much better than the expensive dental treatments!! My own dentist charges $150! Not to mention my kit is refillable!! I can refresh my white teeth anytime I need too!!


AMAZING!!!!!!!!  So easy!!!!  I have absolutely NO tooth sensitivity.  I have a bright white smile!! I had a noticeable brighter smile after the first treatment!!!  After a week??  Look at my smile!!
Before smile 2
After Smile

From this.......... to this.............


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