Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Music is Magical Review and Give Away!!!

Sleeping Alice

Music is Magical cdMusic is Magical, man oh man, that title fit this cd!! Having Baby Alice in the car as much as I do we listen to a LOT of kids cd's. I don't know about you but, sometimes kids cd's are a little too soothing. Well, let me tell you about Music is Magical is FUN!!  The music has a little bit of Madonna flair with a touch of Lady Gaga sound. What an awesome surprise in a child's cd.

When I put the Butterfly Lullaby on Alice is asleep before the end of the Butterfly Lullaby SONG!! The first time I thought it was a fluke....but, nope....... every time I put the Music is Magical cd in!! When the Butterfly Lullaby comes on Alice conks OUT!!  It's even been a 'tired cry' life saver twice!! I may never drive anywhere without Music is Magical in the car again!!

My favorites song by far is a Mothers Love!!  That brought tears to my eyes!!  First Day of School is a great song for kids that are nervous about starting school. SO CUTE!!!  Manners song made me want to give every mom I know a copy of this cd!

Music is Magical cd 2

Ellie Hirsch not only produced the cd, she wrote and performed all the songs. You can tell that Ellie put her heart and soul into this wonderful CD.  It's fun, it's sing-a-long-able.

Baby Alice loves this cd!! It's the first CD I grab too!! This is funky and FUN!!!  A must have for every family library!!  A perfect baby shower gift, birthday gift or just because!!  Music IS Magical!!

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