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Draw Write Now Review

Draw Write Now books
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I really believe art is an important part of childhood! It's sad that so many schools no longer offer art classes. Kids need to learn to be creative! My daughter Lael is an amazing artist. When she was growing up, we were lucky enough to have an amazing art teacher that encouraged her and helped her really blossom!  Unfortunately, so many kids don't have a Mrs. Marks in their lives. For those kids I have the next best thing!!  Draw-Write-Now!!
Draw Write Now books 2

The Draw-Write-Now set starts with the introduction to the subject. For instance, book two has an entire section on Christopher Columbus. From the boats, to the people and sailing to the new land.
Open page in Draw Write Now
Everything is included in this book starting with handwriting tips!!
Practice Handwriting Carefully
1. Sit up straight.
2. Hold your pencil correctly.
3. Use the paper guidelines.
4. Form each letter carefully.
5. Space the words evenly.
6. Practice daily.

The short stories that are meant to be copied by your child to help with handwriting skills. There are teaching tips for adults.  There is a page of facts about each subject.

Next is the DRAW part of the book........ the step by step instructions to draw everything from Christoper Columbus to The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria!!  Not just  EASY to FOLLOW instructions!!  Seriously!! Step by STEP instructions!!  You will not ever hear your child (or their NaNa) say I can't draw that!!  Because we CAN!!  Yes, EVEN ME!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

Emma and I opened book one and got to work making a tractor. Why the tractor??  Well, because Emma REALLY wanted to draw the tractor!  (Hey, I'm NaNa... my job is spoilin'!)

NaNa and Emma drawing
Emma and her tractor picture
Emmas tractor picture

This is the tractor that Emma drew. EMMA IS THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THREE years OLD!!!
AND drawing TRACTORS!!!!

Emmas Bunny picture 2Emmas Bunny picture

Emma and her bunny picture

Next up was the bunny.  Again..... EMMA IS THREE!!!!  And drawing and coloring in A BUNNY!!!  (The bunny got colored in a little dark but the outline was PERFECT!!)

Seriously, your kids will amaze you at what they can draw!

We are loving this series!!  This is an amazing set!!  So easy to teach and SO EASY TO do!!!  I really couldn't be more impressed with Draw-Write-Now!!  It's amazing!!

(One more time.... sorry.... but, she's THREE people!!!  She can follow the instructions on her own even!!  Step by Step, easy to follow, brilliant series!!)

I looveeeeeeee these books!!  These books will grow with our family!!  Emma, Eli and then Alice will be able to use these books.  They are made of sturdy paper and will last through all three kids!!

If you home school this set is a tool you need!!  Or just want to give your kids the tools to get started this is THE most creative set I've ever seen!!

Check out Barker Creek Publishing for all their educational items!!  This is a learning, teaching, super site!!  They have everything from magnetic letters to bulletin board sets!!  Check 'em out!   In the mean time I'm going to go draw pine cones....... because I CAN!!

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