Friday, August 17, 2012

Dr. Hobgood

I am at an age where, if I could, I would soooooooooo opt to have some WORK done!!  Yes, I am talking about plastic surgery.  I would do it in a heart beat!! 
Notice the rings under the models eyes in the before shot?  Those are what I have.  I would sooooooo love them to be GONE!!!  I am amazed how much younger she looks in her after picture!!!  I am so jealous! This was a shot from Dr. Hobgood website.  The offices located in Arizona were voted Phoenix Magazine's Top Doctor in 2012.  That's impressive.  (Not really surprising if you go look at the before and after shots on his website)
I really like that Dr. Hobgood specializes in FACIAL surgery!  Dr. Hobgood has some amazing before and after shots posted on his website!  Not to mention a very impressive educational list along with a long list of awards!! WOW!  

Check out the list of things that Dr. Hobgood's office does! Not only facial plastic surgery, they also do Chemical Peels, Botox and Fractioned Laser Resurfacing. 
I truly want to fight the signs of aging..... tooth and nail fight!!  I think Dr. Hobgood's office is the place to go! Come on lottery win.... mama wants to fly to Arizona and meet Dr. Hobgood and his staff!    
What about you?  Would you opt for Plastic Surgery if you could??  What would you want done?  

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  1. IN A HEART BEAT! I would be there this evening if I could afford it. I hate getting old. baa humbug!


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