Saturday, July 28, 2012

Picaboo Artist Book Review

My love affair with Picaboo Photobooks continues........ maybe even stronger than before!  I did a book that made my daughter teary eyed.  That is the sign of a special book!!!  (ya know... when you can make your grown kid cry... then ya done good!!)
Photobook cover
For this Picaboo Photobook I used art work that Emma and Eli have done through out the last year at preschool. (They truly got their Mommies talent!!)

I used a painting that 2 year old Eli did for the cover.  From the moment I saw this painting I knew it would be a perfect book cover!!

From cover to cover I used Emma and Eli's art work instead of a scrapbook paper or plain paper background.  What a perfect idea for keeping those precious pieces of art forever??!! 

Photobook first page

On top of the artwork I placed anywhere from 1 to four pictures of the 'artist' or 'artists'.  I couldn't be happier with the finished product!! The pages are glossy and thick.  The book cover is sturdy and will hold up to many viewings. Really, this book will last forever! I can't think of a better  book to hand down to Emma & Eli's kids!!  (wouldn't it be fun to see art work YOUR parents did at 2 and 3??)
Photobook page

Lael, Emma, Eli But, I have to say the greatest moment of sharing this book was when my daughter Lael was holding 'The E's' in her lap and looking at the pages. Emma  studied each picture of her and her brother when all of a sudden Emma said "THAT'S MY FISH!!"  Lael said "I know!" to which Emma replied "But, HOW'D it get IN HERE?!?!"  
Emma Eli and Lael
I truly believe once you use Picaboo you won't want to shop anywhere else for any of your photo needs!!  The quality is amazing!!

Not only does Picaboo have photobooks, prints, cards, calendars and photo panels......Picaboo is now offering CANVAS PRINTS!!!

Now... get to work on those books for the artists in your family!! I'd love to see your final product!  Be sure to share with me what kind of photobooks you are making........ I feel the need to start ohhhhh another 5 or 6 books!!  (yup...yup... it's an addiction!)

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