Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photography Workshop Review Part 2

Remember last week I told you I would be reviewing Easy Photo Class Photography Workshops!  I was so excited, I sat down and I watched several chapters the very first night.

The next morning I found I couldn't remember ANYTHING I learned the day (YEA.. you read that right ONE DAY!!) before!!  Right off the bat the Photography Workshops are worth their weight in solid GOLD!! ANYTIME I want to, I can go back and watch any chapter I want as a refresher. (or in my case... watch 'em till it sinks in!)

This week I watched 4 chapters: Introduction, Navigation, Drive Modes and Focus Modes.
First, Jerry offers really great advice throughout each chapter.  The first piece of advice I took?  I reset my camera to factory settings and changed my settings to match Jerry's.  I have to say..... my pictures are so much better already!!  I can't wait to see how much better I CAN GET!!!!!!

I watch each chapter with my camera in my hand.  Jerry repeats things several times in different ways so things really sink in!!  While Jerry is talking, he is showing you on a camera, (newer more advanced model and older model cameras).  Jerry also shows pictures of the setting and/or models before and after the change. Jerry's voice is easy to listen to and he doesn't speed through chapters!!  There is nothing worse than someone talking so fast you can't keep up. If you need a little extra time with a step, tap the space bar and the video pauses, tap again to proceed. 

I've had my camera for a year....... watching Photography Workshops I found 2 buttons I SWEAR WERE NOT THERE when I bought the camera!!! As I'm watching the video, my inner voice is saying "WAAAAAAAAAAA???  I don't have THAT button....."  staring at my camera...... that same voice said  "ohhh, wow, I do have that button!!"  YUP, I really do need this program!!  

Each chapter has a beginner section and a more advanced section.  Each chapter has an assignment to complete which really helped me put my photography to the real test.  

I love my camera!! I get excited learning more about my camera!!  (like when it grows 2 new buttons!)

If you enjoy taking pictures but you aren't getting the results you want, you need this course!!

It's always on your computer!  It isn't a class you take once and hope you remember later! It's available 24/7 whenever you need a refresher!!
Easy Photo Class

Okay, I've got to go back to class now...... see what else my camera has been holding out on!!  More coming next Sunday!

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  1. This is so awesome. Glad you have gotten the opportunity to take this class. You are very gifted in taking photos anyway.


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