Friday, July 13, 2012

Medicare Supplement Plans

I'm not ready for Social Security or Medicare yet, but when I am I plan to add a supplemental plan to my Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.  After reading an article on health care for our senior citizens and the costs ........ it would be insane not to have the extra coverage! 

Did you know that Medicare plans Part A & Part B do not cover all your health needs?  They leave gaps in your plan.  Usually they cover around 80%!  But, the rising cost of a hospital stay... that 20% is gonna add up F-A-S-T!!!  

That's where senior Medicare Supplement plans come in.  senior Medicare supplements are available to fit any budget.  Also customized to your life. Taking into account your unique needs and desires.  There are options for even the most customized health need!!  

Start by adding your zip code on the senior Medicare supplements page and compare free quotes from a list of  carefully selected insurance companies.  We aren't talking small companies you've never heard of ...... we are talking AARP Anthem Blue Cross just to name a couple.  

Now is the time to add senior Medicare supplement plans.  Now.... before you need it!! 

To keep up to date with insurance news and Medicare programs be sure and check out Reuters


  1. It is very hard! My husband is on Social Security Disability and the costs are phenomenal.Then again at least he has some kind of insurance. I haven't any. Way too expensive for me to buy. I am just thankful I have had no serious problems. Thanks for sharing this. People aught to know what is ahead.

    1. It's insane!! I'm with you, thankfully I have nothing serious wrong (knock on wood) it's just plain scary!

  2. It is crazy that Medicare plans A & B combined do not cover everything. They cover most claims, but some they only partially cover, while some they do not cover at all. It can be quite annoying and frustrating with all these inconsistencies. I had to see a psychiatrist and they only covered 60% of my bill :( I was not happy about that at all.

    1. Ohhhhh I would NOT be a happy camper either! Grrrr!!!


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