Friday, July 06, 2012

Eating Healthy!!

Alice eating fruitI love summer time! there isn't anything I don't LOVE about SUMMER!!! (granted I'm not in the middle of the huge heat wave that the center US is having... so... that makes a difference!)  I love going to the beach (an awesome perk for living in Southern California!), eating dinner outside on the patio, BBQ'ing, fresh fruits and vegetables! I just LOVE SUMMER!!  Another perk.... summer for me and my family is also about eating healthy!!  Which means Saturday mornings at "The Farmers Market" here in Vista, CA there are tons of vendors with locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. YUM!!
Alice Pool timeshadow theater
There is something about eating healthy that makes me want to exercise too.  Although, truthfully I prefer exercising with  the Grandkids!! They call it PLAY time!!
Shadow tag
Emma and Bubbles

FootballLike shadow tag. (you have to tag the shadow not the person. NaNa usually wins... I have a longer shadow!!  HA!!) 

It's so easy to get kids outside......... show Eli a football and he'll beat you out the door!!!  Pool time, well, seriously who isn't up for that?!! Bubbles!! Bubbles are fun no matter what age you are!!  

There's also horseback riding. Or just going for a walk!!

My Grandbabies eat healthy all the time.  (Do I have awesome daughters or WHAT!?!?)  I am thankful my daughters encourage eating healthy and exercise! from the beginning.  They won't be like NaNa who is constantly on a diet!! Always struggling!! 

What about you?  What encourages you to eat healthy? I am always looking for ideas and inspiration!!  

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