Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Picaboo Photobook Review

I LOVE LOVE LOVE making Picaboo Photobooks!!!  I know that you guys think I'm kidding when I say I could make one a month ...but..... I'm sooooooooo NOT kidding!!

Picaboo shelf

Picaboo makes it so easy create a Photobook!  This is a snapshot of my Picaboo bookshelf.  Each book is there ready to be edited or ordered.  The completed books are there too. All on my desktop which makes it super easy to work on anytime! There is no hunting around for my project it's all right there at my fingertips!!! I really love that feature!

I'm so excited to bring you "What To Teach Alice".  Thank you Becca and Picaboo for letting this idea come to life!!

Alice celebrated her first birthday last week and for that celebration Grammie and Grandpa Price arrived from Tennessee, Aunt Lea and Jenniah came from Texas. PERFECT timing for my idea to come to life!! 

I asked each person to write a note to Alice about what they want to teach her and took a picture of that note. Now, not only will Alice have a snapshot of what each relatives handwriting is but also a funny note! 

I had so much fun with this book! (Did I already say that?) I have to admit my favorites are Emma (3) and Eli (2) and their notes on what they want to teach Baby Alice.  I should have taken pictures of them writing their note..... they looked so serious. 

For this book I used a black background on all the pages and white writing. I chose no boarder on my photos. I started each page by selecting the style I wanted but occasionally dropped another picture in.  I LOVE THAT!! I can over lap pictures, which came in handy because Emma's note had a large open area that seemed like wasted space so I added another picture and another line of text!

Picaboo allows you to add text anywhere you want.  Choosing the font and the size of that font too. This book is 100% completely customizable!!   

book coverI have to tell you, this book is BY FAR my favorite yet!!  This book came out beyond perfect!!!

The cover is glossy and bright.  As soon as Alice saw her face on it she was all smiles and giggles.
She was so cute when she saw Mommy & Daddy's faces, she leaned in and gave them a kiss!!

Mom Dad page
I did this book as if I was writing Alice a letter.  I started about what her parents would teach her like saying please and thank you, looking both ways before crossing the street.  I figure Mom and Dad's handwriting will be a staple in Alice's life so I didn't make them write a note.  

If I had to do the book again I probably would make them write notes too.... who knows... parent's can be funny too?? Right?? 

Emma's teachings
Uncle Zac Aunt Lael teach
 These are a few of the pages from "What to Teach Alice" double clicking on them will make them larger.Eli teachs Alice

Alice eats Cake
The last pages I used funny pictures of Alice and wrote things that Alice taught us ... like giving a good stare down, making a face and the real way to eat cake!!

The very last page is a picture of Alice on her First birthday with Happy Birthday Alice written on it.

Alice OHHH

The back of the book is one of my favorite expressions that Alice has... OOOOOOHHHHHH!!

This book is SO PERFECT!!!  I'm so glad my whole family was here to add to the book. But, more? I'm sooooo glad I chose Picaboo to print "What to Teach Alice"  It's amazing!!  The quality is superior!

So I suggest you follow Picaboo on Facebook  Twitter and Pinterest!  You never know what special deal they'll have posted!! TRUST me!! YOU will LOVE building a Picaboo Photobook.

The gift idea's are endless with Picaboo.

My mind is always storing ideas.  A book of colors and shapes. A family history book. I think a book of faces would be so fun!! Have each family member make their funniest face. What a great keepsake that would be!!  Grumpy Grandad making a funny face? Or prim and proper .... well, never mind I can't think of a single 'prim and proper' person in my family so I can't even finish that thought.... but you get the idea.  How fun would that be?!!?  I would make the funny face picture large and a small normal smile or candid shot in a corner.

What book ideas do you have?? Send me some idea's! I can never ever EVER have too many Picaboo Photobooks!!

Don't forget the Picaboo Facebook contest going on now!!  

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