Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Picaboo Counting Book Review

I am at it again!!!  Camera in HAND!!!  Photobook in MIND!!!  Who says that a photobook has to be a book of photos that center around a holiday or an event?  Why can't a photobook be a LEARNING book?!?

NO REASON at ALL!!!!!  I am thrilled to share with you an idea I had to make Alice her own counting book!!  Thank you Picaboo for letting this idea come to life!!

So I present to you "Alice's Family Teaches Her To Count!"
I sent each of Alice's Family members off with a task.  "Hold up x amount of fingers and take a picture of  that same number of 'things' to add to Alice's photobook".

When each of the family number pictures were in I started Alice's book.

I have Picaboo on my computer desktop, one click and I'm up and running.  Add pictures I want to start with and click next.   This little box pops up.  I chose "From Scratch" so I can place pictures and text where I want.  The auto create is an awesome feature that makes photobooks even faster and easier!!

What I love about Picaboo is that each step has a pop up.  When you get the hang of Picaboo there is a small box on the bottom that you can check and turn off the pop up.  (BRILLIANT!!)
The hardest part of the entire process for me is picking the background paper.  Finally I picked Little Sweetheart..... I think...... we'll know for sure when I hit order. I  loaded up the book with 20 pages.  Here ya have it!!  (Yup changed the background again to Lil' Safari)

I couldn't be happier with the results!  I present to you "Alice's Family Teaches Her to Count" photobook.
Each family picked items they LOVE for their item to count.

Starting with the cover (and one of my favorite pictures of Alice).  
I love love love this book!!! 

Clicking on a picture will enlarge it. 

The possibilities are endless!!  My mind is whirling with photobooks!!! Here are some ideas rolling around in my little noggin' right now..... An Alphabet book!  Alice holding an APPLE under the picture write A is for Apple.   Alice inside a BOX under write B is for Box..........and so on.  How fun would that be!?!?

"What about a book of "This is what I love"  By Eli, Age 2.  Follow Eli (okay not you following Eli... that would be creepy!) I WILL follow Eli around and let him show me what he loves!!  Done yearly??  What an awesome set of memory books that would be to give on graduation day!

Moms... what about getting disposable cameras for your kids to use for the summer then make a picture book to celebrate "Here's what I did this summer"

Grandparents..... what about finding pictures of YOUR child and finding pictures in the same theme of your Grandbabies to pair on a page.  FUN!!  Kids LOVE to see what Mom or Dad looked like when they were growing up.  That would BE SO CUTE!!!!  AND how fun!!

Picaboo has so many idea's and books that are AWESOME!!

This book was made for a boy who has autism and speech apraxia. It has helped him learn words that he can use every day to better communicate with this family. (This is a really sweet story!)

I'm SOOOO in love with this next one: 

This is a very cool tutorial with some unique ideas for making an ABC book. 

This is the story of a little boy who found the perfect family to love. I promise, this book will make you cry. Becca is right....... it will make you cry!! 

I would love it if you would leave me idea's for more books!!  I'm always ready to create!!   Check out Picaboo's Idea Center too!  Oh man.... I was just on the site and saw some REALLY cute idea's for Father's DAY!!!!!

Picaboo!  It's addicting!!  TRY IT!!!
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I received a photobook from Picaboo to facilitate this review. Opinions and idea's are 100% my own.


  1. How neat, this was such a great ideal. Thanks for sharing.

  2. well one day I maybe able to some of the awesome crafts you do, but I just wanted to comment on how fricking adorable baby Alice is, man she looks just like mommy! one day maybe a play date is in order, Adelyn is 1 will she is technically 14 months, or as her parents say she is 1 in the terrible 2s ;) anyway I read your blog when I can, looks good, I wish I would learn how to enter some of these things, but I am not nearly as tech savvy as you... take care... should have written an email now that I think of it ;)

    1. Making the Picaboo books are EASY!! And HELLO! You do crafts!! I've seen you!! Enter the giveaways!! Adelyn needs more goodies!!
      Play date would be awesome! I'm thinking of checking out the park on Sante Fe just before Mission. I drove past last week they have a whole play area.
      Or the Safari Park!
      Now... go enter giveaways!! It's easy! I promise

    2. OH MY GOSH!! I almost called you! Alice growled!! Exactly like Selena use to growl. You are the only person that would really truly appreciate that growl!!


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