Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kitten's and Baby Monkey's

Oh my gosh!!  Today's post is a funny sent to me by a very dear friend.  This cracked me UP!!!!!!!!!

So, there I was, just relaxing in front of the TV, when the grandkids yelled:  "Hey Grandpacome see the kittens..............."

Reading that reminded me when my oldest daughter Selena was little she came in the house  and asked for cookies to feed the baby monkey's.
Okay...... I put cookies on her little play dish set.... off she went.
A little while later here comes Selena again ....... baby monkey's need milk............. okay....... put milk in the little teapot....... off she went.
Next was clothes...... then a diaper....... finally after about the 10th trip of 'baby monkey's' need  (WHAT!!!!!!!  The kid was playing quietly and I had a little time to myself!!) I went out to see how the "baby monkey's" were doing.  
OH LORD!!!!!! Our dog had a liter of puppies!! And there is momma dog pacing frantically...... and Selena trying to stuff cookies and milk into the hours old (dressed and diapered) little monkey's mouths!!

We didn't loose a single puppy!!  Momma dog didn't bite Selena..... but never EVER trust the kids when they are talking about baby monkey's or KITTENS!!!! 


  1. Oh that too funny! Love the story. Dogs are so wonderful.

  2. Oh My Gosh, that made my mouth go :O lol, the baby skunks look adorable, too bad they spray!

  3. I have to say I hope that they didn't get sprayed by those cute little babies.


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