Saturday, April 28, 2012

Picaboo Photobook Review

Betcha didn't know.... I am addicted to taking photo's of my Grandbabies.  Thank HEAVENS for digital!!  I can't imagine what my film processing costs would be with film!!  Needless to say, I have thousands of photos...... and I can't think of a better way to share those photo's than with a photobook!!

If you have been a follower of PB&W you know I would make a new photobook every week if I could!!

So when I was given the opportunity to build and review a Picaboo Photobook I was jumping for joy!!  I love building photobooks!!

So.... let's start this review with building the book.

Uploading pictures is really easy.  When the pictures pop up from the folder on my computer, disk or camera stick I have the option of 'select all' or just individually check the box to only include certain pictures. (great feature!!)

Uploading went fast on Picaboo's part.... my side.... was fret with "ohhh this shot is awesome... ohhhh this one is better..... love this shot.....who is THAT?!"  (why do I have mystery people on my camera??) I can even log into Facebook and grab pictures from there. Another "I love that feature!!"

Once I've uploaded all my photographs Picaboo gives you the option of  hundreds of backgrounds to choose from. You can even find all the backgrounds that are compatible with your favorites!!  Find one you like? Click on that and it shows up on the page.  Change your mind later .... just another click and it's changed.  There is also an option to storyboard your photobook to see how the backgrounds flow.... and the pictures too. You can even move entire pages in the storyboard area. (ummm I spent a LONG time in that area!!  Changing backgrounds, changing photos, turning photos..... starting over...)

Another AWESOME feature is changing photo's........ you want to change out the picture a little pop up box comes up that asks if you are sure.  No more accidentally changing pictures!!  (then trying to remember what picture you just deleted!!!)

The backgrounds are perfect! Everything from muted colors to super bright! Holidays, events, kids, animals..... you name it Picaboo has it!!

Writing on the page. There are over 80 different fonts to choose from!! I wish the x was bigger that lets you enlarge your text.  I was halfway through my book before I found that little gem!  Being able to see what I had written enlarged helped a lot. So when you are building your book look for the small x to the upper right of the text box. (SERIOUSLY that is my ONLY complaint!!)

I really like the fact that I can pick how many pictures I want on a page just by clicking the layout you want (TONS of layouts to choose from!!)  Click on the layout and Picaboo puts it on the page you have highlighted.  What I really LOVE?!?  I can turn the pictures anyway I want. LOVE that! If I wanted I could put Baby Alice upside down!!

So many options available ....I can enlarge the photo and center it the way I want using arrows at the side of the page.  It would have been easier to be able to move the picture with a right click of my mouse, but after the first few photo's I really got the hang of using the arrows and then centering photos was quick and easy.

I let the book set overnight and then went back the next day and made sure I didn't want to make any changes.

Ordering is super easy.  Shipping was lightening fast!!

Tada!!!!  My book arrived and it's PERFECT!!!!  I would not change a thing!!

And now a tradition is complete!!  When my daughter Lael had her very first Mother's Day I created a photobook for her and now Selena will have her first Mother's Day book as well.

The book is 11x9 hardcover.  The book is glossy and BEAUTIFUL!!!  The paper is heavy, quality paper.  The inside covers of the book are a nice thick textured paper and  I plan to add Baby Alice's hand and foot prints to the inside cover of the book to complete Selena's first Mother's Day book.

If you are looking for an AWESOME Mother's Day gift I highly recommend Picaboo!!  You will not be disappointed in the least!!  This is an amazing classic photo book!!!   I can think of another million books I can make!!  How about you?? What will you make??

Follow Picaboo on Facebook  and Pinterest and you really should check out their blog!!
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  1. I love it! Aren't granddaughters just wonderful? I only have granddaughters! 8 of them to be exact. All 10 years on down to 4 months. Nothing against grandsons, just haven't been blessed by my 3 children with any boys! After about 5 my oldest is done, So we will see what happens with the others. LOL Love your photos and what a great thing to do, by putting them in a book like that. Would make some awesome gifts. Thanks for sharing this information. =)

    1. I'm LOVING being a Grandma!! But 8?!!? Oh my GOSH!!! I'd be broke all the time! Okay more broke than usual! Do all yours live local to you? I'm so blessed that mine all live within 5 miles!
      Hopefully, you'll get a Grandson, cause they are a CRACK UP!!! Eli is 110% all boy!! That kid'll give me a heart attack someday!! LOL

  2. I need to make more photobooks!

    1. They are so much fun to make!! (and give as gifts too!!)

  3. i wasn't aware of this company but it sounds great...i too love taking pictures-of my children. photobooks are awesome!

  4. this company looks great-I also love taking photos of my children and giving them as gifts to the very happy grandparents! I want to make more photobooks so thanks for the review!

    1. Speaking for Grandparents WE LOVE PHOTOBOOKS!!!!! I don't think I could ever have too many!!

  5. Sandy VanHoeyMay 07, 2012

    Nice job! I too take lots of pictures and I have 10 grandchildren. I created a photo book once and it turned out awesome as well and I sound just like you...which one do I want to place where, out of hundreds. Thanks for the review

    1. 10!!!! Sandy!! TEN!?! Ohhhh I would be in debt big TIME!!! WOW!! Thank heavens I'm at just 3 for right now. LOL TEN!! WOW!! Do they all live local?


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