Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dollar General is Coming to CALIFORNIA!!!!

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.
Wooooo Hooooooo!! Dollar General in California with appoximately 50 stores some will even have grocery stores inside!!  
Right now the closest store to me is Dollar General Store 13405 at 9860 Central Ave. Montclair, CA 91763. I hope we get one closer!!  
I found Dollar General during my last trip to Las Vegas I was in LOVE!!! This store has everything! Clothing, household items, tons of toys ( I found a huge selection of water toys for this summer (at amazing prices I might add!!!). Dollar General even has FOOD!!  I don't know about you but having a break on food would be a BLESSING!!  There are tons of name brand products too!  I found Beggin' Strips for Gracie, Zyrtec for me, Huggies for Baby Alice!  Seriously!!  There is something for everyone at Dollar General!! 
Let's get back to the Groceries at Dollar General.  clicking the link will take you to this weeks specials.  WOW! You can't beat these prices.  Did you know you can buy everything on LINE?!?  I had no idea!  So with prices like that I signed up for their emails and twitter .... I don't want to miss more discounts on top of the great prices!!  You might want to Like Dollar General Facebook too. (I found coupons there!!)
With Dollar General, you have name brand products, something for everyone, low prices, coupons and specials but did you know that DG has a Literacy Foundation?!? No wonder I'm excited to have them moving into California!!  
Check 'em out at: 
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  1. You will like Dollar General, we have one just 3 1/2 miles from our home and it is so great. We live 25 miles from the City where we do most of our shopping. So DG is wonderful to have so close.

    1. Diane, I can't wait!! 3 1/2 miles?? Ohhhh man I would be in serious trouble then!! LOL!!

  2. we have one not too far and yes, i agree- they are great! i love shopping for party supplies there!

    1. Ahhhhhh you people are killin' me!!!


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